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Two men sitting at roadside examining an item. Commonly, simple services that can be offered with a few tools carried in a box, are available at busy roadsides. Here the customer is even given the comfort of a stool on which to sit Candid shots taken around Hà Nội supply the content to this and the next page of Picture Posting. The division is based on activity. In Vietnam that is a rather subtle distinction, for the humidity preludes exertion. The people of Hà Nội offer endless opportunities for the photographer - especially for one more alert than myself. Below are shots of people eating, reading or engaged in light work. The next page shows an even more relaxed aspect of Hà Nội life with candid shots of people doing even less: talking or looking into space. Photos are taken while walking around the city and too often involve grabbing a picture, rather than having the leisure to compose it - at heart I am a landscape photographer, waiting only on the light - so this page offerss a landscaper's attempts at candid photography. Man sitting on corner of raised area writing, one foot down. A place to jot some notes, water to hand; his left foot half in his right shoe. Is the infant in his custody? Man sitting on park bench reading newspaper, others behind him. Hanoians are great paper readers, and the benches around Hoàn Kiếm Lake offer the perfect morning place to catch up on the news. Breathing exercises engage the man behind Man sitting reading newspaper, woman sitting behind him. Maybe her unladylike action relates to his preference for a newspaper over herself? Man reclining on motorbike parked in a long row of bikes. Often the saddle of a motorbike offers the most comfortable seat available; possibly as a 'motorbike taxi' he waits on a customer's return Man with contented expression toothpick in mouth reading a newspaper next to a motorbike with mug on it. Toothpick in position, mug to hand and a good paper produce this sense of contentment Woman texting, man reading newspaper. Engrossed in their separate media. I wonder why I have no photos of women reading newspapers? Man examining a spectacle case behind a row of flowers. Spectacle Case Woman in crash helmet texting, blurred image of passing woman. This woman has stopped her motorbike to text. A slightly unnerving number of drivers in Hà Nội do not bother to stop their vehicles for such urgent tasks Man squatting with phone, another looks over his shoulder. Ten years ago small phones were still common Overweight photographer squatting taking shot. Photographers delight in photographing photographers Photographic team taking pictures of bride by war memorial. A few weeks before a wedding the couple venture out to have their photograph taken against memorable backdrops Three uniformed park security guards seated, two engrossed with phone. Security staff in central Hà Nội diverting themselves Man squatting using laith. Squatting on very low stools is a Vietnamese norm Woman in yellow top holding yellow fruit beside vendor. So often the colours of women's clothes seem to have been chosen to match the produce around them Man squatting hammering tin, woman within squatting. More squatting. Rather dimly, a woman can also be seen on a low stool, inside the door Pavement cafe with umbrella and customers looking cold, sitting on small stools. Customers are normally offered these relatively higher stools. They stack easily for transportation to their chosen pavement site. The hats, padded coats, and gloved hands (hugging a warm cup) convey how Hà Nội can be disconcertingly cold Table with bowls of food being sorted by three women. Vietnamese like the food they eat (at normal or wayside cafes) to be dispensed in full view; and again in full view... Two men sitting at caafe table cutting meat on blocks with cleavers. ...meat being cut with cleavers. Has 'white-tee-shirt' all the concentration one might wish for his actions! Man, cigarette in mouth, hunkered down feeding hen on pavement. A pet hen? Or for the pot Man eating noodles, face a few inches from his bowl. There really is no alternative with noodles - they must be slurped Behatted masked gloved seated woman knitting. A photo which tells many stories. A woman's hat tops out her totally covered body (against the sun, not the human eye) she is occupied both by selling her wears and producing more goods; settled on her stool beside the street, as is so universal in Vietnam,
nd with a backdrop of modern flats
Trailers... Man on bench holding imaginary paper. The next page has more candid shots from Hà Nội - featuring even less activity. Kirkyard with lines of tombstones. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Life Stories'.
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