Selling from Bicycles

Flower seller with bicycle under flowering tree. Typically, this bicycle is so loaded with flowers that cycling is not an option. His pitch, in the shade of a flowering tree, seems well chosen. The large sign is for the cafe, proclaiming its sale of hot pot (Lẩu) and draught beer This and the following pages take up the theme of selling in Vietnam. The Vietnamese seem to have all the attachment to being shopkeepers that the English and the Chinese are claimed to exhibit. Houses are still valued for the length of frontage they have on a street where trade can be conducted, and ground to the rear is of negligible worth. This pattern is exactly as seen in Scottish towns in the middle ages where the houses were gable end onto the street running back considerable distances beside the closes and vennels so characteristic of Edinburgh's Old Town. But for those who do not have the wealth that owning property in desirable locations implies, other forms of entrepreneurship have to be found. This page features probably the commonest of these, for the humble bicycle can carry considerable loads and is readily affordable for most citizens. Woman beside bunches of flowers on a bicycle. A customer selecting her blooms from the display seen in the picture above Woman standing beside a bicycle loaded with oranges, apples and vegetables. Again not much chance of riding this bike with its cargo of fruit. Nearly all pedal cycles in Vietnam have these struts that support the bike so that it can be stood
in exactly the spot required
Number of cycle vendors gathered in shady open space. These two photographs illustrate how small markets... Number of vendors with bicycles gathered at shady corner. ...develop where venders gather at strategic road junctions Man wheeling bike laden with fruit and vegetables. It is noticeable, in Hà Nội at least, that... Woman with baskets of ginger and onions on a bicycle on a busy street. ...bicycles are generally used by both male and female venders Man standing square on looking at camera beside fruit on bike. The male equivalent of the woman's conical hat Woman in conical hat shaking bottle of water over flowers. From the last photo's background - keeping flowers fresh Old bike with long cross support from front fork to rear wheel. Horizontal cross bars are not common in Vietnam, these long struts have a French air about them Woman sorting flowers in basket on bike. Bikes may be utilitarian, indeed downright decrepit, but vendors always devote meticulous attention to their wares Woman cycling bike with brushes of various types on board. ...and in the case above a more single-minded
single-person campaign
Two vendors cycling together with brushes behind and bamboo pipes in front. Two types of assault on the brush market: the team approach (here combined with sales of water pipes)... Young vendor of indeterminate sex on bike loaded with hats and baskets. Brushes and pipes are very much for the domestic market, whereas these woven baskets and ornamental hats are for tourists. Here being touted around Hoàn Kiếm Lake in central Hà Nội - in this case by maybe a slightly androgynous vendor Bicycle loaded with baskets, woman examines one of them, a conical hat on a red shirt peeks above. A customer examines a basket from the collection of this seller who, with her conical hat, thereby leaves no doubt as to her sex even before she is seen Two thirty story tower blocks form background to a woman sitting on the pavement knitting with her large selection of sunglasses laid out and a bike nearby. Knitting under the eyes of a thousand windows. A sunglasses sales person far from tourist hot spots Woman wheeling a bike with high and hanging plants passing a large shop window advert. A plant-sales woman passes a shop selling phones (Điện Thoại) when Nokia was king Two women with bikes piled with faggots, one woman sitting by bigger bundels of faggots nearby. Faggots provide ready cash for villagers who forage near their homes and then cycle into the local towns with these neat bundles Woman in hat with knife by piles of sugar cane, customer holding one piece. The seller is peeling a length of sugar cane which is sold for eating on the streets - such activity is not, in this case, considered indecorous, whereas generally eating on the streets is for young people... Woman sitting on bar of bike with pile of oranges, apparently eating. ...She might be refreshing herself with a piece of orange Woman with potted plants on her bicycle. More plants on wheels in central Ha Noi Man leaning hard into pushing his heavy load of ceramics on a bike, using a pole extension. Here one of the poles to help leverage, seen on a previous page, helps him hawk his heavy load Many bikes with tall piles of lilies, a man and women amongst them. A convocation (suggested collective noun) of bikes all selling lilies with a male vendor looking as though he might disappear into them Woman by her bike on which are buckets of flowers, woman on scooter stopping to look. A woman on a scooter stops to select flowers. A great deal of shopping is conducted like this in Vietnam, drivers pulling up, inspecting and moving on or buying A range of potted plants being wheeled past two tourists engrossed in their maps. An apparent mobile small garden walks past two tourists who are too buried in their map to notice - probably much to her annoyance! Two cycles parked on the beach, beached boats in the background. Cycles parked while their owners work on the boats, then to be used to transport the fish up to the market in the local town. On arrival the fish will likely be sold
from the bikes at the roadside
Trailers... Woman carrying panniers crossing road intersection. The next page of this section has photographs of the simplest form of mobile sales - no not cell phones - panniers. Island in sunset with moon. The next page of the Mosaic Section is to be headed 'Wonder within and without'.
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