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Looking down the High Street over the heads of thousands of people. Looking down Edinburgh's High Street one August day The square in front of St Giles Cathedral, only gently inhabited by tourists. The same area at a less pressured time For many people around the world Edinburgh is virtually synonymous with festivals. The main festival started in 1947; an attempt to bring in some tourist trade at the end of the season by offering international high culture. The 'Fringe Festival' started in the same year with eight uninvited companies presenting their contributions, that number now runs past 3,500. These two have been joined by a range of other festivals: books, jazz, film, art and, of course, the tattoo. The takeover of the Old Town, Mound area, and neighbouring streets is complete for three weeks each summer. This page has pictures from the Royal Mile (High Street) which forms the spine of the Old Town, and from the National Gallery area adjacent to it. Here vehicles are absent and anyone who wishes to make a show of themselves may do so. The result is a no-go quarter for many residents; good money is made by letting your flat and going on holiday! Costumed man stepping onto the back of another. Red robe climbs on friend's back... Costumed man passing poster to another. Costumed figures affixing poster to a 'Morris Column'. Man and woman talking beneath statue. Also watched over, a couple discussing whether the bagpiper would... ...and is passed a poster to affix on the 'Fringe' version of a Parisian Morris Column, on the Royal Mile by Parliament Square. Watching the proceedings from the safety of his column is Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott, the 5th Duke of Buccleuch, the family that at one time claimed it could walk from the Border to Edinburgh on their own land. Same man and woman taking photograph of piper. ...mind having his photograph taken, surely not, for the instrument's case lies invitingly open to receive donations Yoda standing on air next to and above woman. Yoda floating on Edinburgh's High Street The gap beneath the Yoda statue where the feet would be. Star Wars' Yoda: foot free and fancy loose Statue's feet and throngs looking up High Street. While across the road David Hume's feet are very present as they look up the High Street Man as Yoda statue being quizzically looked at by people. Able to interact with his audience, if not go anywhere, the performer makes a good living from his/her ingenuity - the mat covers the metal plate holding the staff that supports the stand Grey besuited man as staute. A more conventional performance is dressing up as, yet another, statue to add to the array Edinburgh already boasts Statuesque woman standing. A common local quip is the transmogrification of anything into Person statue of bizzare bits. ...a Fringe Event, and sometimes it does get hard to work out what is ... Four photographers lined up. ...a performance and what is not. These tourists seem to have decided Two violinists on bollards. Music of all sorts abounds. Here minimal staging Drummer with range of buckets and containters. A simple drum kit from throw-outs Three brass instramentalists playing in line. And a more orthodox performance Moving down from the Parliament Square area on the Royal Mile, to the spaces beside the galleries. (Craving tolerance, included here are some rather shaky old - 30 to 40 years - grab shots.) The area beside the Royal Scottish Academy. The area beside the Royal Scottish Academy offers impromptu performances and performers an ideal space... Man lying on cobbles in front of large street audience. ...with room for substantial numbers to gather, often to witness the antics of entertainers such as this guy... Entertainer jumped onto back of motorbike. ...hijacking a passing motorbike Man being watched climbing lamppost. ...to climb a lamp-post, with the Castle as backdrop... Man juggling three lit torches. ...playing with fire... Man on uni-cycle juggling three lit torches. ...and in this case doing so while riding a monocycle Woman in woolly hat in crowd. 'Woolly hat' in 1991 Woman in woolly hat sparring with entertainer. It's the interaction with audiences that can make a performance. Sometimes there is plenty of material to work with Woman in woolly hat standing. 'Woolly hat' in 1989 Line of costumed dancers on Royal Mile. And goodbye from the High Street; dancing us out, a troupe working its way
down the Royal Mile
Trailers... Looking across rooftops to hill. The next page in Picture Posting goes up from the town to Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh's very own volcano (extinct). Beech buds in spring. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Hope'.
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