Pannier Sales in Hà Nội

Woman walking across large road intersection. A common sight in Hà Nội is that of women in their conical hats, with panniers on their shoulders,
joining the throngs of traffic
For some a bicycle, let alone a motor bike, is not an option. For these women, and it is nearly always women, who have the energy and shoulder strength, panniers are an alternative. A bar supports two baskets on cords or wires, these are often seen bearing considerable loads. These loads vary greatly, from fresh fruit and vegetables, through portable cafes, to the collection of scrap and refuse. Two hawkers in conical hats with panniers. On the left, is what seems to be the rare sight of a man in a woman's hat Woman walking carrying pannier with food and bowls visible through plastic. This woman has a cafe on her shoulders. Carefully protected by the plastic are the main dishes of food, and you can see the bowls neatly stacked around the edge of the tin tray. In the rear pannier are the stools and washing bins she needs. The table (as seen in the photograph of a pop-up cafe) to the right, would be left with some friendly neighbour overnight. Here the customers act as a reminder of how cold Hà Nội can be in the winter; be-hatted and gloved, benefitting from the warm tea being dispensed Woman walking along road with card/paper in one pannier. A woman gathering scrap paper Group of people on low stools in winter clothes by woman pouring tea. Woman with empty pannier, conical hat ahd face mask. These baskets are supported on strings and look likely to be ready to receive refuse... Two women walking together with mixed collection of waste in their pannier baskets. ...similarly with these two women. Here collecting various materials for 'recycling'... Woman with one pannier filled with large plastic cans. ...and here a woman particularly interested in old polythene containers. Pannier baskets vary in construction... Woman with pannier baskets of wide open weave. ...the ones here look suitable for carrying livestock, although here seeming to be used again for plastic refuse Panniers with large sacks of rubbish. Sometimes loads seem excessive, recalling the Overladen Hondas of another page Panniers with large sacks on top of piles of cardboard. Paper recycling can create impressive looking loads. However, nothing like as heavy as... First of three shots of woman heaving heavy load of fruit off the ground. ...this woman's fruit... Second of three shots of woman heaving heavy load of fruit off the ground. being eased off... third of three shots of woman heaving heavy load of fruit off the ground - can see to be in the air. ...the ground while clutching her stool Woman standing beside pannier baskets, the cross bar at her waist level. Here wire 'strings' leave the cross-bar conveniently to hand in the air Six women and a man on a motorbike watching a woman cut up a durian. Cutting up and placing durians in a customer's box. Durians: delicious, but - notice the face of the young woman behind the customer - utterly foul smelling Two women resting on a door step with their panniers. Two women rest from their rubbish collection. The Vietnamese find the idea of sitting on the ground a little sullying, here a box is helping one woman... View from above looking down on a woman sitting on her cross bar beside baskets of vegetables. ...whereas this woman is using the cross-bar of her pannier to sit on Woman walking with panniers of large buckets. Women hailing me to buy; they have stopped by the market entrance - the panniers allowing them to get up an go as soon as the wardens appear! Woman with buckets on pannier. This is not a sight to be seen in Ha Noi. The photograph was taken in Bảo Lạc, in northern Vietnam, where water carrying may be useful Woman walking with empty panniers beside a row of bikes under a tree. A very Hà Nội photograph: hat, pannier, purple flip-flops, motorcycles and trees Trailers... Row of four women sitting with their wears at roadside. The next page has photographs of the simplest of all sales sites - the pavement (or lack of it). Two people cavorting around lamp-post. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Unitary Selves'.
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