Hoàn Kiếm – Photographers' Backdrop

Wedding shoot Tháp Ràu on Hoàn Kiếm Lake is Vietnam's number one background for wedding photographs From professional shoot to casual cell phone the thirst of photographers for photographs Go to another page. is ceaseless. Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Go to another page. in central Hà Nội, offers a combination of trees, water and monuments that makes it the ideal setting - not least for wedding photography. Hà Nội War memorial Commonly professional photographers work together Wedding couple in front of Pagoda Gate Here the happy couple have the Lake and Pagoda Gate as background Wedding photographs by War Memorial Under the stern eyes of the War Memorial photographers point the other way Wedding photograph with Tháp Ràu as background As a background the Tháp Ràu monument is the number one choice White Aó Dài at Chúa Báo Ân The Vietnamese long formal dress (Aó Dài) is understandably a first choice when women are being photographed. Here she is being framed by the Chúa Báo Ân Couple at Chúa Báo Ân Top of the range Canon or small pocket phone, the monuments by the Lake are irresistible - this is the remains of the pagoda Báo Ân built 1842, but demolished by the French in 1892 Women in orange Aó Dài ...but there can be no crouching down in formal dress! Man crouching taking photograph Angle of view is everything... impossible for much of the year. Fortunately November is popular for weddings, and its no coincidence that this is a month when the sun can be bearable. It is difficult managing the sun in the tropics. If it is not out the even grey is enervating and oppressive, but if it is out then the heat makes photography Long dresses on bike Long dress or not, models still need to get home, and a motor cyclist grabs a chance shot Team taking photos of Long Dresses A team at work: 'support staff' with the bags of equipment on the seats, while the photographer is shooting Photographing group exercise Morning exercises all around the Lake provide visitors with endless photo opportunities Since the irresistible rise of the smart phone no group of people by the Lake seem to lack the means of taking photographs. But professional photographers are still common, offering to catch the moment for visitors. Notices around the Lake forbid the selling of goods or services, but many people wait discreetly to ply their trade. Hawkers and photographers Here balloons, bubble sculptures, and cards are on offer. The two women, arms akimbo, are professional photographers Photographing the sunset Sunsets fascinate worldwide Hoàn Kiếm fosters relaxation and people watching, its hardly surprising that the camera is such a constant companion to those who come to the Lake. Couple being photographed sitting Then there are also the many shots that are not of voluntary subjects... Photographing the Pagoda gates ...and the many shots by tourists documenting their travels Family photograph Families... Young couple photograph ...and families to be; the staple diet of the camera's hunger Photographing workers sleeping This man, probably from China, was just too late to get his shot, the worker, on waking, was not amused at been treated as an object The next page takes you to the pagoda situated on an island at the north end of Hoàn Kiếm Lake. Ngoc Son Pagoda on Hoan Kiem Lake. line
Saturday 30th April 2016 Murphy

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