Bangalore Markets

Man crouching amongst his fruit display. A happy stall holder making the photographer slightly curious as to how he dare move, let alone get to, that position amongst his fruit Two men beside their piles of fruit. A less problematic display In many countries life revolves around the markets which provide all the resources for the family and, in hotter countries, to which a trip must be made every day. So for the visitor markets provide an ideal way of seeing people going about their normal life. A market can be anything from women sitting together at a crossroads to the giant organisations like the Đồng Xuân market Go to another page. in Hà Nội. These pictures were taken at a variety of markets big and small in and near the city of Bangalore in southern India. Two women on ground with piles of fruit. Women finding a strategic pitch between the market gate and bike park Man beside piles of tomatoes and a set of brass scales. A very respectable set of brass scales Cages of chickens in high pile with crow sitting on top. Chicken Centre with crow Long eared goat/sheep. Sadly it can only be waiting for one fate Man holding simple balance beside handcart of tomatoes. The normal simple hand balance Man sitting on handcart amongst tomatoes. A four wheeled handcart that is stable enough to sit on Street by market. Street beside a market with the crush of people, vehicles and goods, so familiar in India - taken at a safe distance Man with bike basket of apples. By the road side this man is selling apples from a carrier on the back of a bike, his hand rests on the saddle Mna sitting behind great piles of flowers. Flower garlands are de rigueur in India, so flowers like these chrysanthemums are sold in extraordinary amounts Crowds behind sellers with sacks of vegetables. Busy markets like this are thronged with barely room to stand
let alone room to lay-out one's goods for sale
Man offering handful of herbs. Fresh herbs - cheap Woman sitting on ground with pyramids of tomatoes spread in front of her. Carefully balanced tomatoes Well dressed woman on ground beween piles of vegetables. Somehow elegance midst chaos Two men sitting on pile of sweetcorn looking at camera - one assessing, one vacant. Reactions to photography; not hostile but complex Man and woman on ground with their vegetables laid out. More veg, but the stonework catches one's eye Man sleeping against pile of sweetcorn husks. Snatching some sleep Woman in marrow green sari wih piles of marrows. Surely her sari was chosen to match her produce Display of fish on stall. Fish rather needing a little ice Man cutting up large pieces of ice Cutting up ice - an enviable job in the heat... Man passing a lump of ice to another. ...even handling ice might be a pleasure Man standing beside a cycle-cart of plumbs. Plumb salesman by cycle-cart Vegetable sellers on ground piles of produce in front, woman filling a man's bag. Bring your own bag Small shop with great quantity of shinning brass objects displayed outside. Compare the work he puts in, getting his stock out on display, with many shopkeepers in the UK, often reluctant to make permanent attractive displays Woman holding orange basket in front of orange mangoes and oranges wearing an orange sari. And here a woman's sari to match bag and mangoes Steeply piled bowls of dyes along stall edge with man behind. No wind here Trailers... Cobbler sitting with tools of his trade on the ground with a boy. The next page has more pictures from around Bangalore in India. A boulder on a beach in northern Iceland. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Photography and Wonder'.
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