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Cobbler with accoutrements laid out in front of him. Street cobbler complete with last, apprentice and the most excellent flexible vice - his feet This page continues from the one with pictures of joss stick making in the city of Bangalore Go to another page. and moves into the countryside as it was in the 1990s. As with that other page here also a warning: so much has changed that these photographs seem rather nostalgic. The visit was in early summer and so many images show workers in the fields gathering and transporting straw. But to start with a couple of images of India's (and many other country's) most common entrepreneurial enterprises - that of street sales. Man and boy beside large pile of coconuts in their outer shells. Coconut Go to another page. salesman - again with 'apprentice'. This whole pile has to be sold, or taken to safety, before night Woman in red sari and troup of school children. ...Above a rather different story: elegance in a park Rubble dump, hoarding and tented area. One version of Bangalore suburbs Go to another page. ... Group on small pier with lake around. Another park, here with water being enjoyed by humans. Then outside... Baffalo in the water and on the bank. ...the city, buffalo Go to another page. in their element Buffalo grazing between river pools. Further out of the city a fully rural scene of river and flooded pasture Tree with group seated under it and fields beyond. Essential India - people gathered in the shade of a tree Row of palms with fields in front and people working. Coconut palms as backdrop to a group of harvesters Fields being harvested with a dozen or so people spread out at work. Women at the backbreaking job of harvesting Three men looking at the photographer beside heaps of straw. Less backbreaking work for the men -
engaging with the photographer.
One of the men then takes...
Man carrying bundle of straw on his head. ...a bundle of straw Go to another page. to a cart. Men carrying bundles like this, despite it being traditionally a woman's work, is a sight seen across India Go to another page. Grey haired man sweeping with small child standing beside large basket. Probable view of grandparenting in action Ox cart being loaded with straw - white cattle. The cutting and gathering of straw from the fields... Ox cart being loaded with straw - black cattle. ...requires transportation to the store Man on top of high heap of straw on cart on road. Another laden cart now on its way... Two white cattle with driver of cart heaped high with straw. ...complete with passenger Go to another page. Two thatched houses each with person sitting at door. Two thatched houses near the fields shown above Two girls with larege pots on their heads. Other carrying nearby Driver standing beside his auto Our auto driver
- name sadly now lost
Seven people in row against the light - faces obscrue. A dud shot against the light, but does show the photographer lets his camera go sometimes - friend Thavamani at the left Woman stading with container in one hand and holding halter on cow in the other, petrol station behind them. ...and maybe Bangalore cows need refuelling too Trailers... Man sitting in the middle of his fruit display. In two weeks time to the waterfalls of
Đà Lạt.
The view of the hills towards Wanlockhead from near the Devil's Beef Tub in Southern Scotland. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Horizon as Metaphor'.
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