The Countryside around Đà Lạt

Boys herding cattle down a path towards hills. Cattle and their young herders The last page showed Go to another page. a little of the City of Đà Lạt, here the surrounding countryside is introduced. While the city is at a considerable elevation, affording a delightful climate, much of the province is fully tropical. This page illustrates the paddy fields, grazing and housing associated with the greater heat. A striking aspect of this part of Vietnam is the conversion of the jungle to land used for cash crops; a later page devotes itself to to that theme. Here the emphasis is on how the country appears now, and the images that greet the visitor. Fields stretching out to the mountain foot. Paddy running to the mountain foot Five distant figures with water, a village and hills for background. A village sitting beyond the paddy Woman bending with hoe in the middle of paddy field. A woman works in her field... Paddy running to trees and a village, mountains behind, and a small figure. ...the wandering path to where she works Cattle strung out on a track with herders. The unhurried progress of other 'cowboys' A woman working behind young paddy. Often women tend their fields alone... Line of women working in a field. ...on other occasions a party is formed Buffalo looking directly at camera nose up. This nose up stance is so common with buffalo - their sense of smell is vital to them Side view of buffalo in front of herd. Various shaped horns seem at odds with these most mild of animals - to a page with Go to another page. more buffalo portraits Herd of some two dozen buffalo. More young people in charge of an unusually large group of buffalo Man by cattle. But not only young people get to... Three women watch three cattle, and the photographer. ...spend days watching animals eat; idleness can be socially valuable High loaded truck with men on top of it. Safety on the roads. The sacks falling off the motorbike would be nothing to the damage done if the sleeping guy was bounced off his parcels Scorpion. Scorpion - eaten in this area Black and white butterfly on stones. Butterflies here are often bat sized, but usually too fast moving to photograph Fisherman walking by lake. A fisherman on his way to the water. But its not a rod he carries, rather an electric probe and battery People in a trailer pulled by portable motor. These one cylinder all purpose motors are seen everywhere. Here it is attached to a trailer providing human transport, but they are equally adaptable to being a plough or the motor power for machinery View across the Da Lat countryside covered in glass and plastic. The countryside around Đà Lạt City is far from rural. The demand for fruit, vegetables and flowers is huge, consequently every inch of ground is brought into productive use. Here something of the vast acreages of glass-houses and poly-tunnels can be seen Long House with corn growing in front. Small thatched house in the country. Simpler thatched houses Small roadside thatched house. Above and to the right are modern versions of traditional Long Houses with tiled roofs and an electricity supply. And below is an older type specially constructed for the Ethnographic Museum Go to another site. in Hà Nội. Some are of very considerable length, the one below being over 80 metres long. Extended families live together sharing that single 'ladder' - awkward to negotiate for stiff westerners - and living their whole lives in one shared space - for often there are no internal divisions in the house. Long house with wooden walls and traditional ladder. Long House constructed in the Ethnology Museum in Ha Noi. Plaque with museum house details. This sign, by the pictured long house on the left (in the Ethnographic Museum) says that the house belongs to the Ê Đê people, 200,000 of whom still live in the area to the north of Đà Lạt. It has the woven bamboo walls characteristic of this date of building, but that awkward ladder has not changed! Row of modern small houses. This row of small houses in a village sport T.V. aerials and satellite dishes Group of men at the front of a house. Men on their house veranda greeting us Small house with children gathered. Another design of house front with its family View of lake at town end. Manioc, a major staple of the diet, being dried on the area in front of the house Trailers... The 90 foot high Kon Tum house with two people. The next page picks up on the picture from the Ethnology Museum in Hà Nội. Go to a page on that very special museum. Tree growing at 90 degrees. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Signposts'.
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