Family at door of pink house. Couple at door of house. Two front doors This page shows a very particular quarter of Bangalore; Go to another site. a friendly, less affluent area, away from the city centre. Bengaluru (as it is now spelt, adding a 'u' sound at the end) is the capital of the state of Karnataka. The city has changed greatly since these pictures were taken, the population having risen from around 4 million to being in the region of 12 million in 2018. The main theme of this page is the making of joss sticks, Go to another site. an occupation promoted by a number of NGOs to offer employment within less affluent communities. Man with pigeons in coops. Pretend pigeon fancier - he reappears in two more pictures... Two men with cow. this one, with his friend, they are offering to introduce me to a cow, with which neither of them have any acquaintance Ox cart with logs. A loaded cart with huge wheels and pulled by an ox with painted horns. The painted horns can be seen in pictures from Tamil Nadu. Go to another page. There the cart has smaller tyred wheels as it does in the buffalo cart seen in a village in Vietnam. Go to another page. Mangoes for sale from the ground. Mangos offered by the cow boys (above); now taking over the mango seller's wares Tomatoes being weighed out. Tomatoes weighed out in hand-held scales; universally used and suspected Lane shaded by palms. Palms offering dappled shade to add to Bangalore's already excellent climate. It benefits from its 3,000 feet of altitude with cool nights and warm, dry days Group on lane with medic. A western medic visiting a family with a handicapped child. Such visits as these happen in very public spaces, rather a common event in India Joss sticks drying. Joss sticks drying Children in street. Children free-wheeling Woman making joss sticks at table. Woman working Woman making joss sticks on the ground. The task of making joss sticks has the great merit of needing little in the way of facilities or resources - any shaded flat spot suffices where the ingredients of thin sticks, a fragrance and clay can be combined Stand pipe and bucket. Not that you would ever guess from the smart cleanliness of the people... Women in work room for joss stick making. While working in the street is fine on many days, shelter is necessary if work is to be continued through the year. Workshops like this one offer women with various handicaps a sheltered and organised place to work Stand pipe with water flowing. ...but water is always a problem - here standpipes provide for the lanes Family on steps at door. Doorstep family Boys at door, woman making joss sticks. Those boys... View from within auto. A universal view of India from behind the driver of his 'auto', familiar to all who travel around the country. 'Auto' rickshaws, which originally came rom Japan, having, outside Kolkata, replaced human and bicycle propulsion Trailers... Beach in Bombay looking at central downtown. The next page goes to a city twice the size of Bangalore and the fourth largest in the world - Mumbai (Bombay). Mount Phang Xi Pang. The next page in the Mosaic Section - David Hinton on 'Sincerity'.
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Saturday 29th September 2018 Murphy on duty

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