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The view towards dusk from near the Devil's Beef Tub across towards Wanlackhead in southern Scotland.

Horizon as Metaphor

The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.

Maya Angelou (1993)


The horizon Mud flats in a midnight sun in northern Iceland. A page continuing with the idea of the horizon - such a rich analogy for processes of understanding. perpetually tempts us, remaining forever a goal that cannot be reached. As we move forward into an unfolding landscape there are few surprises, more of the same takes up its role of our horizon and commonly the changes are subtle, howbeit what we see Water tumbling in a cascade in Iceland. Subtle or vast the constant flux of our world has been noted since the time of Heraclitus. is new. In a similar way new concepts An image which should puzzle at first glance. A page on how we become acquainted with the new - 'emergence'. come to us: the new has to be part of the old Circles of coloured light around a seated figure. Heidegger's hermeneutic circle is part of his way of approaching this problem of new knowledge. or it would be devoid of meaning, yet it has to modify the old to count as new. The receding horizon creates this space in which we build, Hoy sound looking out from Orkney. A page on the idea of explanations and how they have to encompass contradictions. adding to our store that which was just outside our ken. At the horizon the old and the new mesh. The horizon is the cusp An Arctic Fox on the horizon. The importance of the liminal (and similarly distinctions) to understanding. where what was known meets the new: the unknown becomes the known, and a new unknown awaits.

The quote is taken from the poem by Maya Angelou (1928-2014) written for the inaugural ceremony that inducted Bill Clinton to his first presidency in 1993.

The horizon is lit by a sunset over Wanlockhead in southern Scotland.

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