The Lower Reaches of Moffat Water

Moffat Water from Red Brae. The view looking up towards Moffat Water from Red Brae above Beattock Kirkpatrick Juxta Kirk and Croft Hill. Also from above Beattock, but with Kirkpatrick Juxta Kirk as foreground The last page showed pictures of Moffat Water in its upper reaches, this page has views of the valley near its foot; near to the town of Moffat and village of Beattock where, at 'Threewater Foot', it joins the River Annan and Evan Water, flowing on as Annan Water. Two cattle. Bullocks near the valley entrance joining in the riot of colour that autumn brings Dumcreif Woods and Craig Fell. The grounds of Drumcrieff House, which stands at the entrance to Moffat Water, with autumn in full swing Craigbeck Cottage and Crofthead Hill. Craigbeck Cottage (seen in the last picture on the previous page) with Crofthead Hill Kirkhill Farm Craig Fell. The other side of the Moffat Water fells and Crofthead, seen from Kirkhill Farm in Wamphrey Glen Fields by Craigieburn. Just before Craigieburn, the road that leaves Moffat passes Wait Hill. Here on a September morning the light of the rising sun catches the dew and mist... Spiders web. ...and the web of a spider Field by Cornal Tower. The field, on the Southern Upland Way, Go to another site next to Cornal Tower
- the remains of which are in the woods
Crofthead Hill and Craigieburn Farm. The hills at the foot of Moffat Water with Crofthead Hill as centrepiece and Craigieburn Farm in the foreground Snow on branches of larch. In Craigieburn Woods snow and ice decorate Go to another site the branches of a larch Snow hummocks in Craigieburn Woods A hummocked route between the lines of Sitka spruce in Craigieburn Woods Snow covered Sitka spruce. Sitka spruce covered in snow and their monotony changed to something aesthetically acceptable Lone pine in enclosure. The lone pine seen in the final photograph of the page surrounded by heather in late August Snow on Hunterheck Farm and Cottages. Snow turning Hunterheck Farm and Cottages to a pencil sketch Crofhead Hill in snow. A snow covered Crofhead Hill The next page takes you to the banks of a very different river, the Liffey in Dublin, and the walk between the two main stations in that city. Dublin P.O. and Jim Larkin statue. line
Saturday 23rd September 2017 Murphy on duty

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