The Faroe Islands - Eysturoy to Vágar

Eidi village. Eiđi Village at the north-west corner of Eysturoy Island The Faroe Islands seem to have more vertical surfaces than horizontal ones. Progress along the roads is tortuous. Tunnels connect the main islands, and other roads seek shelter where they can. While the land and weather (as this page a little glumly shows) may not be ideal for human sustenance, they do offer photographers subtle textures of grey to blue with sudden splashes of colour. This page shows a few photographs of communities to the north and the north-west of the capital Torshavn. For more information on the country go to the Faroese government site. Go to another site. Eidi church. Eiđi church - go to more on the Faroese Church Go to another site. Curved roof house. The elegant curves of a house roof in Vestmanna on Streymoy Island Red house by water. This red-ochre colour is common throughout the Faroes, this house is in Vestmanna Hut, river and cliffs. A hut near a river on Eysturoy Island - but sadly the location eludes me, can you help? Vestmanna village Vestmanna village arranged around the bay head in a similar manner to Torshavn Shore and Kalsoy. The view towards Kalsoy Island from the shore near Elduvik Hut and hillside. The geological layers showing through the thin soil on a hill outside Elduvik Kalsoy from Elduvik. The distinctive outline of Kalsoy Island seen here from the village of Elduvik Elduvik. Houses in Elduvik abut the streets with no private ground Elduvik church. The church in Elduvik, on Eysturoy Island, with the date 1951 on its weather vane Geological striations on hillside. Striations on the hills are basalt from around 56 million years ago when these layers were laid down by volcanoes Turfed roof house. A small turfed roof house in Elduvik village - needing a haircut Hut and Kolsoy. A hut with a view - to Kalsoy Yellow flowers. A welcome splash of colour in the too short summer Nets and sandbags on roof. Nets and sandbags ready to secure the roof A street in Bour. Turfed roofs and again no ground for the houses, in Bøur village, Vágar Island Tindholmur island from Bour. Tindhólmur Island from the shore of Sørvágsfjørđur Tindholmur island. Tindhólmur Island, seen from across the water at Bøur. A stark outline inevitably forming the beginning of many tales... Go to another site. The next page takes you from cold volcanic outcrops in the North Atlantic Ocean to similar geological formations, but in the warmer seas of Tenerife where the spikes are on cacti. Los Christianos and cactus. line
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