Pasumalai Thangal Village in Tamil Nadu

Village street. The neat houses lining a road in the village of Pasamalai Thangal Man looking at village. It is hard to convey the oppression of heat and dust in a photograph This page moves to the village of Pasamalai Thangal itself and some photographs of the people and houses of the village. The photograph above may belie the heat and lack of water Go to another site. that dominates village life, maybe the next two images redress that balance a little. The rocky hills that sit beside the village do not seem protecting, like Scottish hills, but more random and utterly indifferent to the people below. But nothing can detract from the air of profound peace with which these communities, in India, are imbued. Rocky hill by village. The hill beside the village Small Hindu temple. The village temple Go to another page. honours the elephant god Go to another site. Ganesha, Go to another page. just visible centre front Modern concrete house. The houses are of differing ages, some modern such as this one... Thatched houses. ...others with original thatched Go to another page. roofs... Boy with goats in front of tiled houses. ...and many with tiled roofs. (In India goats Go to another page. are ever-present) Older man wakling. Men in Tamil Nadu often hitch-up their lungi's (dhotis)... Go to another site. Man walking and men on motorbike. in these pictures, to let the air circulate around their legs; so allowing one garment to be comfortable, or more formal, as required Woman in blue sari. Women, however, are not offered such comfort and present themselves in well made saris... Hay bale with feet below it. Some people prefer to go totally incognito Woman with large pot on her head. ...under all conditions Children lined up for photograph. Children, waiting for their transport to school in a Go to another site. neighbouring community, Go to another site. are lined up by their parents for the traditional formal photograph, a format beloved as much in India as it is in Vietnam Auto with children in it and women standing. Children waving from the back of a departing auto. The transport arrives, the children pack in, and wave good-bye Satellite dish in yard by house. House yard complete with satellite dish Cattle in yard by house. More traditional occupants of the spaces by the house are cattle like these, as well as the utensils that can be seen in the background Fields by hill and thatched house. A scene at the corner of the village rendering it bucolic and romantic - as long as you can't feel the heat or have to bend to pick up the corn Carved door lintel. A door lintel showing the quality of local craftsmanship... Kitchen utensils by a thatched house. ...which is also on display with the cooking and storage utensils found in every kitchen Two houses one built into a rock. My friend's modern house, and next to it a house that has taken advantage of a rock to gain a hold that should withstand the most ferocious of storms Thavamani and nephew by their house. The comfortable traditional thatch of the local houses, gave way to tiles, which can look great, but these have now changed to flat roofed concrete structures with too little insulation (and grace for my taste). The same pattern of change Go to another page. is seen in Vietnam My friend's kitchen. The kitchen of my friend's house extends outside when possible. Too many months pass in this area with no rain My friends at their front door. My friend M. Thavamani beside his wife T. Jothi, with their children T. Lessinger Swamy and T. Hanna Priyanka and his sister-in-law B. Jaya on their front doorstep. Less, at the front, was my guide to the village on that visit. [Indian naming is complex Go to another site. - in Tamil Nadu the initial letter is taken from the father or husband's name; a suffixal cast identifier is now deprecated, and so the names here read: T. Jothi, + co.] Every Saturday for the last 141 weeks a new page has been added to the 'Picture Posting' Section of this, the , site. Many more pages remain to be added. However, the pattern is now changing a little. In the coming weeks the 'Picture Posting' page will be added on alternate Saturdays - in just the same format as before.
On the Saturdays between, a new series of pages, Mosaic, will be added to the site. These have a new format - a 100 word commentary prompted by an image; these pages are also available as greetings cards.

Large house roofs with karst hills as background. The next Picture Posting page is about the friendly, fully clothed, hills of Cao Bằng Province in northern Vietnam with its spectacular karst landscape. And the first of the 'Mosaic' pages is headed Loss. Sunset on Wigtown Bay with stake nets. line
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