Student Centred Learning

Weekend Course, Ha Noi, 12th & 13th March 2011

Welcome... this brief course on Student Centred Learning.  It is meant as a demonstration of the kind of course that you, or your colleagues, might like to run.  We want to share with you these ideas simply because, as teachers, most of us need all the help we can find to achieve our main goal of assisting our students to learn effectively and efficiently.

Below are the documents you need to bring with you, first in English, followed by the Vietnamese. These explain what you will be doing in detail. Please would you read the 'The Sessions' page, but there is no need to read the detail of actual sessions beforehand, unless you wish to. There is enough space on the session handouts for you to make notes, but you may prefer to print them single sided to give yourself a blank page opposite each printed page.

There are three sessions on each of two days, the sessions are numbered 1 to 3 on the first day, and 4 to 6 on the second day. There is also a document that outlines all the sessions, a set of appendicies, and a general introduction.

Click on the documents below that you wish to transfer to your computer for printing:

General Material

Student Centered Learning - Introduction and Outline

muc dich va noi dung khoa hoc

lòi giới thiêu - lấy người học làm trung tâm

Student Centered Learning - Appendices

Sessions for the First Day

Student Centered Learning - Introductions

phần 1a

Student Centered Learning - Group Formation

phần 1b

Student Centered Learning - Learning Through Experience

phần 2

Student Centered Learning - Helping Effective Learning

phần 3

Sessions for the Second Day

Student Centered Learning - Identifying Learning Needs

phần 4

Student Centered Learning - Planning for Learning

phần 5

Student Centered Learning - Evaluation

phần 6a

Student Centered Learning - Review

phần 6b

Colin Brydon   March 2011