Introduction to the Images Section

This section has two parts. The first part displays the cards and prints which can be bought through the shops and galleries of Dumfries and Galloway listed at the bottom of this page. The pages first are of southern Scotland, followed by images from elsewhere, and lastly non-geographic images. The second part shows a wider selection of photographs taken in Scotland and further afield from India to Iceland. These are themed, some along geographic and some on other lines. More photographic material of Vietnam can be found in the Pictures Section of the site.

All images are immediately available for sale as files for screen display with a longer dimension of 700 px, approximately 1 MB JPG files. These are £15 each and can be ordered by sending a message on the Get in Touch page. The original images, suitable for print media, are also available mostly as RAW or DNG files with a size of approximately 40 MB (giving a 16 bit 120 MB PSD file) - please enquire about costs. For copyright reasons, speed of the page opening, and to allow for sales, the images displayed are not of high quality, and the rendering of colours does depend on the computer you use and the screen that it has.

Outlets are listed below where you may be able to look at the cards and prints for yourself. An outlet that is prepared to send out cards and prints is being sought so that visitors to the site would be able to purchase material directly from the internet, please do get in touch if you know of anyone who could offer this service. If you are interested in purchasing files of any of the images please click on 'Get in Touch' at the left - image files (computers willing) are normally readily available.

Here are the current main outlets.
Each outlet keeps cards and/or prints that relate to their area and customers.
Outlet Location Telephone Lines for Sale*
The Ark Kippford, Shore 01 387 250 644 SC, LC, LP, GP
Caerlaverock WWT Caerlaverock, Eastpark 01 387 770 200 SC, LC
Cream O'Galloway Gatehouse of Fleet, Rainton 01 557 814 040 SC, LC
Glen Caple Shop The Pier, Glencaple 01 387 770 201 SC, LC, LP
Gracefields Dumfries, Edinburgh Road 01 387 262 084 SC, LC, LP, GP
Gretna Registry Gretna, Main Street 01 461 337 648 LP, GP, EP
KBT Picture Framers Kirkcudbright 01 557 339 212 SC, GP
Kilnford Farm Shop The Glen, by Dumfries 01 387 253 087 SC
Loch Arthur Beeswing 01 387 760 292 SC, LC, LP
Moffat Book Exchange Moffat, Well Street 01 683 220 059 SC
Moffat Tourist Centre Moffat, High Street 01 683 221 210 SC, LC, LP, GP
Samye Ling Eskdalemuir 01 387 373 232 SC, LC, LP

*SC=Small Cards (5 inches x 3½ inches), LC=Large Cards (9 inches x 6 inches), LP=Large Prints (Mount size 16 inches x 12 inches), GP=Gallery Prints (Mount size 20 inches x 16 inches), EP=Exhibition Prints (Mount size 24 inches x 18 inches).