Moffat: Park and Show

Two men watching sheep. Two canny watchers of sheep This page brings together two aspects of Moffat with but a tenuous connection: both the Annual Agricultural Show, Go to another site. and the Moffat Station Park Go to another site. draw large number of visitors to the town; the former en mass on one day of the year, the latter as a constant stream. The show and its exhibits, most particularly the sheep, draws crowds of viewers and competitors, whereas the park is often part of a stop off, and the passing enjoyment of the boating, or the putting, or a stroll amongst the flowers. (So really the excuse for the page is that neither group photos is really strong enough to stand alone.) First the park or, more fully, 'The Station Park', which gains its name from the ground it occupies. The station having closed Go to another site. in the 1964, at which time people commuted to work in central Edinburgh, the journey taking only a little over an hour. Moffat Station Park Rhododendrons by pond. Rhododendrons by the park's pond Ornamental borders. Large ornamental borders, such as these, have... Entrance to park. ...been less common in recent years with council cuts View through park entrance. The view from the entrance to the Station Park, flower borders, putting, and beyond the boating pond Swan pedalo and church. Parked swan pedalos. Views of the boating pond with its swan pedalos; St Andrew's church Go to another page. is in the background Boating pond and church. Parked swans. Swans and boats parked by island. Dowding Memorial. The Dowding Memorial Go to another site. to the Battle of Britain leader Shady corner and pond. A shady corner with a view of the boating pond Start of riverside walk. The riverside walk starts from between the cherry trees... Cherry blossom and church. the picture above, this is opposite the entrance to the Station Park The Moffat Agricultural Show Examining sheeps' mouths. A core activity at the Moffat Show is the sheep judging, when mouths matter Presentation of long service certificate. It is not only sheep that get prizes at the show. There is also the opportunity to award prizes to shepherds. Here the Bodesbeck shepherd, Peter Learmonth, is being rewarded for his long service - and of course there is the necessary photo for the local paper Judging a bull. Judging ranges from prize bulls to delicate china... First prize for posy. ...two categories kept well apart Judge and bull. Laugh... Woman, pony and girl. ...yawn... Calf and boy. ...sit? Surely not. Women and goat. Goat judges Go to another site. Man, judges and goats. And, while waiting judgement, goats still manage to look interested Man and Leicester. A Leicester Go to another site. calmed by the touch of its owner Men assessing sheep. They ask, 'Is it the best in the show'? Judging sheep. The judge's turn to make his decision which will make more people unhappy than it makes happy - not an enviable task The next page takes you out of Moffat and looks back to view the town as seen from the surrounding countryside, as well as showing a little of that countryside. The view of Moffat from Golf Hill. line
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