A Hindu Wedding in Delhi

Hindu Wedding couple. At the centre of the massive celebrations the couple are enthroned, covered in jewellery, and in his case bank notes. Behind the walls are plastered with flowers. Some thousand guests will be in attendance, and the costs, even with india's low prices, will run towards £100,000 This short page is really an excuse to show the shot above of a Hindu wedding. Below, before more wedding shots, there are a few pictures of life in Delhi. I find Delhi hard going compared with other Indian cities, so my apologies, for the people are, of course, as likeable and engaging as they are anywhere in the world. Future pages on India are mostly of the relaxed South. Man at bus door. Typical bus, full to the door - in which this guy appears to be dozing View from within auto. Autos (Auto Rickshaws) offer this view of the driver's silhouette - so familiar to Indian travellers Auto on Delhi street. Autos, called Tuk-Tuks in Thailand and Laos, are the normal means of transport, for those with the money, in most tropical countries. Apparently they originate from Japan in the 1930s Cows and rubbish. Delhi scenes bring home to foreigners the struggle in India's cities against poverty (open sewer, rubbish strewn and a child defecating) as backdrop to the wonder of having animals everywhere Main highway south. One of the main roads running south from the centre of Delhi: cars, autos, cyclists and people Child health centre. This 'Child Health Centre' reflects the massive number of NGOs that work so hard to meet the population's basic needs... Child health centre cupola. ...and not uncommonly do so in buildings with an air of decaying opulence. This open cupola belongs to a leisurely time, when the inhabitants might wish to enjoy the view of their surroundings Women outside the clinic. Women outside the clinic Outpatients waiting area. A common waiting arrangement for 'Out patients' at clinics Delhi potter. A Delhi potter. No, no connection just another photo I wanted to slip in Waiting groom. A groom waits to be conducted to the celebrations which precede the wedding; complete with headdress and 100 rupee notes down his chest Groom on horse. Then he is taken on a white horse Trombone player. A trombone player's cheeks bulge as he fills the night air Brass band. A large brass band is assembled to escort the groom to the wedding all clad in white; except the saxophonist who gives an individualistic performance Euphonium player. Euphonium player Hindu weddings, such as this one, can be massive affairs. Here, a rich family, had asked towards a 1,000 guests. The groom was an American man of Indian origins with no linguistic or cultural experience of India. His rather stunned look reflects the fact that he had just flown in for the wedding. Money as usual seems to bring as many problems as it solves; compare these pictures with the ones on the next page of Vietnamese weddings where only the nervousness of the 'happy' couple is seen amongst the general sense of fun and happiness. Petal confetti. The walls of the large marque are covered in flowers and the hundreds of guests are showered with petals as they enter The next page is about weddings in Vietnam. Another country where they are probably the biggest event in people's lives. Wedding in Van Mieu. line
Saturday 15th April 2017 Murphy on duty

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