Roofing our Cafe

Thatching the cafe roof. Originally the cafe roof was thatched with palm fronds. The picture shows the fronds being tied onto the bamboo framework of the roof The Hân-Đuyên Cafe in Tĩnh Gia (our cafe) was built in front of the house in 2009/2010. Then the cheapest and best looking way to roof it was using palm fronds as a thatch. This page shows a little of the original thatching, Go to another site. and then more recent shots of the thatch being removed and replaced with tiles. Although it had done a good job, by 2017 the original roof had ceased to be proof against the rain. A structure of reinforced concrete posts had a bamboo framework built onto it, to which the palm fronds were tied. This same framework was then used for the tiles 8 years later. The cafe as building site. The cafe building as it emerged from the building site in front of the house Bamboo framework of the roof. The cafe roof is made of bamboo beams. Split bamboo is then used Go to another site. to make the joining laths Red house by water. Work on the cafe roof showing the fields beyond as they were 8 years ago; now all is building Lifting fronds onto the roof. Fronds being pushed up onto the roof with a bamboo pole; and a cheesy grin Tieing fronds onto the roof beams. The fronds are tied onto the bamboo framework Palm fronds waiting to be used. Palm fronds waiting use, the green nearly gone from them Cutting ties from bamboo. Two of the family's grandfathers cutting ties from pieces of bamboo... A bunch of bamboo ties. of the resulting bunches of ties The newly thatched cafe in the rain. The cafe with its newly thatched roof in the Spring of 2010 - demonstrating its worth by keeping out 100% of the torrential rains from which Vietnam suffers Stripping the thatch from the roof. Seven years on - the thatch comes off... Thatch removed from the main roof. ...and the bamboo frame is uncovered Roof supports being checked. The bamboo laths are checked and minor repairs carried out The mess of de-thatching. Below the cafe in the mess that has been created Removing gutters. The old guttering here left hanging half removed from the roof Metal gutters being weighed by scrap merchant. A scrap merchant comes past and gives cash for the metal; which he is weighing Burning the palm fronds. The old palm fronds are immediately burnt at the side of the cafe Hosing the roof beams. Removing accumulated dirt from the roof beams Cafe being cleaned up. The high pressure hose is then turned on the rest of the cafe Starting tiling. The tile work uses the same bamboo laths as the thatch Roof half tiled. Five men working in good weather... Final section of tiling. ...and the new roof is in place within two days... Tiling at night. ...although this did include working after dark Workers meal. Workers in Vietnam are 'wined and dined' - rather 'Vodkaed and Riced' Meal and cafe cleared up. Just one section of the roof to finish after lunch and the cafe is cleared up The thatched roof. The thatched roof The tiled roof. The tiled roof The next page goes to some buildings at the other end of the social spectrum in Vietnam - the Citadel in Huế. This was built by the Vietnamese emperors modelled on the Forbidden City in Beijing. The main entrance to Hue's Imperial City. line
Saturday 3rd February 2018 Murphy on duty

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