The West of Cao Bằng Province

Large houses with tiled roofs. A picture which summarises western Cao Bằng: a karst landscape, heavily wooded, large comfortable tiled houses, and an unmetalled road leading off into the distance The Western part of Cao Bằng Province, west of the City of Cao Bằng, offers an introduction to the spectacular karst landscapes of north-east Vietnam. Unlike the karsts of the northern province of Hà Giang, here they are fully clothed in rich tropical garb. This gives the region an air of prosperity which is promoted further by the huge tiled roofs of the houses seeming to reflect the owners comfortable livings View of karsts from houses. A house with a view: karsts, mountains, terraces Section of tiling. The tiled roofs are massive Typical well-clad karsts of Cao Bang. The view of the well-clothed karsts seen from the house in the picture above House by road with very steep terraces. After storms these steep terraces do indeed sometimes slip down the hills Terraces and valley. Hillside planted with ginger on heavy clay soil Two men smiling from a motorbike. Grinning from ear to ear in response to a strange westerner on a motorbike taking a picture of them from the back of the bike shown in the picture below Road swinging round to wide valley. The road swings round a hillside to the open 'strath' beyond View of terraces. The view as seen by Hân on the motorbike to the right - looking down the terraces to the valley beyond Motorbike with Han, and pedestrians. The motorbike again gaining attention, here from pedestrians Wayside primrose-like flower. The leaves and flowers of this wayside plant might make it a member of the primrose family? Gentle terracing. More comfortable terracing, less prone to the slippage likely on the hillside shown above Fence, flowers and hillside. Fence, flowers, terraces and mountains Tinh Tuc cemetery entrance. Cemetery gates Go to another page. near Tĩnh Túc with pointed karsts beyond View down into broad valley. Skirting above this valley the road offers a great perspective on the area, and a cafe near here adds refreshment to the pleasure View through barred window. The bars that seem mandatory for windows in Vietnam, obstruct the view from the cafe window... View from barred window. ...shown here Doorway into kitchen. A glimpse past the cafe's chef Go to another page. into his kitchen with a glimpse of its atmosphere Trailers... Village houses with paddy fields. The next page in the Picture Posting Section leads you further into Cao Bằng Province, with images of a variety of communities. Pony and rider on road. Across in the Mosaic Section  –  a quotation from Basho on the journey as home. line
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