Icelandic Birds - some shore visitors

Oystercatcher on rock. The constant, sometimes irritating, piping of oystercatchers is a certain mark of northern spring The last page showed Go to another page. animals in the rather degraded environment of a zoo. This page presents birds in a country Go to another site. that provides a spectacularly and a paradigm of a natural home for them. Many are migrants arriving for the near endless days of late spring and summer; and consequently the possibility of quickly gathering large amounts of food. The pictures below are all from the flater coastal regions, in a few weeks time the Picture Posting page will continue with birds that live on the cliffs of the north west, and in particular those of Látrabjarg. Oystercatcher's head, beak closed. A rare sight - mouth shut Oystercatcher on rocky beach. Oystercatcher ostentatious... Pair of Sandpipers blending into the beach. ...sandpipers surreptitious - at first glance did you see the one to the left? Male red-necked phalarope. The most diminutive of ducks (above is the chaffinch sized male) the red-necked phalarope is one of few... Pair of red-necked phalaropes. ...birds where it is the male that does all the brooding and rearing, Go to another page. without any help from the female Arctic tern. Acrobatic Arctic terns... Go to another page. Arctic tern with sand-eels. ...the one above with signature sand-eels Great skua. A stately flypast of a great skua - signalling alarm for ground nesting birds Pied wagtail nesting. The pied wagtail is one of the most widely distributed birds of the northern hemisphere... Pied wagtail with food. ...from here in Iceland to Vietnam via India they are ubiquitous Sandpiper wading. Sandpiper digging in the sand. Sandpiper portraits Sandpiper standing in the water. Harlequin and eider ducks. Harlequin ducks beyond a pair of eiders Snow bunting on a rock. Snow bunting, conspicuous for the lack of snow Golden plover face on. A golden plover Whinchat on post. Whinchat Golden plover in side view. Two more golden plovers... Golden plover showing golden glow. ...the one above hinting at why it is so called Whooper swan. Whooper swan Raft of female eider ducks. A raft of female eider ducks Ducks on calm water of side bay. Puffins, eiders and black guillimots on Isafjordur Bay Go to another page. Trailers... Staff in front of restaurant. The next page jumps to a hot November in Vietnam, with the opening, on the 10th of the month in Tĩnh Gia, of the Hân-Duyên Restaurant Arctic fox. The next page in the Mosaic Section is headed: 'The Other'.
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