Ísafjörður - Fjord of Ice

Fishing boat and mountains. Ísafjörður - summarised by fishing and high black mountains Up in the far north-west of Iceland, among the fingers that point out towards Greenland, is Ísafjörður - Fjord of the Ice - a stretch of water with high mountains on three sides and its open end pointing north, benefiting fully from the arctic winters that blow in. The town of the same name sits at the head of the fjord and has some 2,600 inhabitants who were mostly dependent on the fishing industry, Go to another site. an industry which has been in decline since the 1980s. The earliest record of habitation in the area dates from the 9th century, by the 16th century it was a significant trading port. The town of Isafhordur at the head of the fjord. The town sits at the head and southern end of the fjord Fishing boats and  marina. Fishing is the main... Red fishing boat among others. ...town and the area Marina walkway with skeletal arches. ...economic engine of the... Red fishing boat against black hillsides. The cliffs around Ísafjörður in summer seem oppressive, but residents say that in winter, when all is white, the light from moon and stars makes the fjord amazingly bright Whaling boat. A not too discreet reminder of Iceland's inglorious association with the whaling industry Boat reflections against black hills. More black reflections. Most of Iceland is formed from black volcanic ash Go to another site. and its derivatives Houses under steep hillsides. Ísafjörður's suburbs spread along the fjord side Boat out of water on quay. A boat needing attention Go to another page. in fine summer weather Thick blanket of mist under mountains on the sea. Morning mist clinging to the mountains along the water's edge Neighbouring fjord. A neighbouring fjord with its small community at the head of the water Clouds hanging in valley above town. Clouds drifting onto the road that leads up over the mountains from Ísafjörður Line of mountains at the fjord's mouth. The mountains at the mouth of the fjord Church in valley. Stream and church. ...a church stands Go to another page. as the focus of attention Meadow flowers with hill snow for background. In a nearby valley to Ísafjörður... Meadow flowers and black hill. Meadows and black mountain backdrops; everywhere around Iceland's coast Shed for drying fish. One of the sheds, found near all fishing harbours, where the catch can be dried ready for transport Clouds and snow on nearby pass. The road from Ísafjörður to Reykjavík rises up over the pass, into the cloud and snow of the mountains, Go to another page. a few kilometres out of the town The next page notes that it is midsummer, and takes you to the most northerly point of Iceland for the midsummer sun - or lack of it, for when I was there there was a blizzard for those two days. Sculpture on waterfront at Akuryri. line
Saturday 16th June 2018 Murphy on duty

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