The Opening of Hân and Duyên's Restaurant

Staff of the restaurant. Hân, Duyên, Bảo-Trân (their daughter), Lợi and the staff at the opening meal In the last three months Hân has constructed a luxury restaurant from old buildings which were virtually demolished in the process. On 10th November the restaurant was opened with meals for family, friends and neighbours. People came from the south of Vietnam, from Hà Nội and myself from Scotland. The 14 staff had been well trained and the whole day went smoothly. A pair of dragons with their drummer started the proceedings. And there were, of course, the formal photographs. More detail of the restaurant on the next page. This page has a novelty: an embedded Youtube video of the restaurant opening. However, this adds to an already long page and so to longer loading and the need to press refresh a couple of times. Floral displays at entrance. These floral displays are given to opening businesses Front of building. The front of the restaurant which reads: Restaurant, Hân Duyên, Steam Hot-Pot.
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Dragons' drummer. Drumming practice while the team get ready Above is the video made by the local TV station of the opening. It lasts five minutes, so give it time to load when you click on the arrow. Dragons waiting to enter. Dragons waiting to enter... Drangons entering. ...and trying awkwardly to get through the door Drummer and half dragons. The drum receiving attention from three half dragons Dragon stanging at balustrade. This dragon on the balustrade involves one person holding the other in the air Dragons on balcony. Dragons displaying on the balcony Two dragon suits. Two dumped dragon suits... Dragon suit departing on motorbike. ...and the yellow owners taking theirs away Photographer checking camera. A professional photographer gathers photos for publicity Photographer, dragon and waiter. Han and Duyen. Hân and Duyên Table with diners. Friends watch the dragons Ground floor of restaurant. A view of the ground floor dining room The two floors of the restaurant. The main restaurant is on two floors as seen here. There are also five private dining rooms seating an additional 48 guests Men toasting. Prost, Santé, slàinte, sức khỏe. Health! in any language Diners and waiter. Waiters formally attend, as does the television camera making the video linked above - just visible at the left Restaurant bar. One corner of the ground floor has a small bar Tables and waitress. Beyond the steam the cameraman Tables and diners from above. Steam rises from the centres of the tables where the cooking takes place... Tables with men toasting. ...but for many the main delight of any meal is the excuse to talk and drink The owners and chief chef. Three trained chefs now running the best restaurant around Trailers... Front of restaurant. Net mending on Madras beach. The next page in the Mosaic Section - 'Attention'.
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Saturday 24th November 2018 Murphy on duty

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