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Downtown beach. Beach on the main downtown bay of Mumbai Children's rides on the beach. These three photos show the way one of the beaches... From corners of Bangalore to corners of Mumbai, Go to another site. given its size, some 24 million people, any coverage of this metropolis must be partial. It is probably the fourth biggest city in the world, although because of the way it is crammed into a peninsular it is one of the most difficult to navigate. This page has shots of the main downtown beach area, and of the first planned suburb of the city - Dadar. The old name for Mumbai is used at the head of this page as some of the shots were taken in 1994, a year before the colonial name was dropped in favour of the goddess Mumbadevi. Go to another site. 'Welcome' on chidren's rides. the heart of the metropolis, is used as a recreational resource Fruit laid out on stall. Imagine the work of cutting up and laying out this fruit everyday and the short time it will last in the heat. While not wishing to dampen a fine display some of us might prefer our fruit wrapped and fly free - however, this display is preferable to the technique sometimes seen of placing the melons in drainage water to keep them hydrated! Beach City-scape and coconut stall. Coconuts Go to another page. have a singular ability to contain cool liquid in ferocious heat Two men selling nuts. Nut sellers snapped on their request, a solicitation quickly followed by asking for a fee Horses with one lying down. Not only humans are exhausted by the heat Marine Drive the sea beyond. Marine drive with the bay beyond Lamp-post and advertisements on Marine Drive. ...advertising they support Marine Drive buildings. Building along Marine Drive, with sea views, show their wealth confirmed by the... Stylish apartment blocks. Some apartment blocks in the area show a greater sense of style than others Railway lined with houses. As in so many countries housing crams its way down to the railway lines as seen here to the left Clutter of stalls an cars by the railway. And in this case it is the clutter of temporary stalls that have found a small niche in which to lodge Children by rubbish. In India the idea of refuse is foreign. One person's rubbish is another's living - re-cycling Go to another page. is all. Inevitably it falls to children to do much of the scavenging Goat by rubbish. What children leave is food for goats Man walking with bear. Walking one's bear as one does Sign: Please do not spit on plants. Rather an anthropocentric voice for plants which no doubt enjoy any additional liquid Boys with sparrow. Boys, after posing in the picture below, came to show me a sparrow they had caught Two birds in a tree. The sparrow seen nearby Dastoor bungalow. Far from the British conception of a bungalow, in India it means roughly a family house, so as the families may be large and expand, so too bungalows are often large and expanded. This is the Dastoor family Bungalow which shows signs of many additions Housing in the Dadar area. Here, in Dadar, the houses are mostly of one and two stories interwoven with lanes which often offer... Lane between the houses. ...considerable shelter from trees, and seem far from the tightly packed city centre Small bungalow with balconies. Balconies are protected from human
and animal intruders
Dog and shrine. Cool tiles by a small shrine offer this dog
some comfort
Three men on a bicycle. Three examples of cycling: above multi-occupant, and to the right conventional and a tricycle-carrier Tricycle as carriage vehicle. Street with stalls and cows. A very Indian street - a very Mumbai street Trailers... Camel head. Here in Picture Posting the next page leaves the cows of Mumbai and goes to zoo animals in Trivandrum The Vatnajokull - Water Glacier in Iceland. Go to the next page in the Mosaic Section - 'Wild Lands'.
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