Trivandrum Zoo

Camel with lip. Lip from a camel. Probably as elegant a portrait as you will get from a camel, the next picture being more typical. In Vietnam, as no doubt in many countries, camel meat is available - their visage is a warning about their edibility Go to another site. Camel grimacing. A smiling Camel Trivandrum (more formally Thiruvananthapuram), the state capital of Kerala, is a pleasant small city with a good climate. However, this page carefully avoids any material relating to those facts, and instead shows some of Trivandrum Zoo's Go to another site. inhabitants. The last picture of Bombay, on the previous page, showed the inescapable bovine presence found in all parts of India. India's fauna goes relatively un-persecuted and the resulting richness is delightful. Nevertheless zoos are maintained in many cities. In general zoos offer at most a controversial good; Go to another site. here the zoo is left to sit in contrast to nature left to her own devices. That comparison is given by the next page which is on birds in Iceland. Rhinos rubbing noses. Rhinos rubbing noses Rhino head. Rhino portrait Hippo in concrete bunker. Hippo in concrete bunker Man feeding rhino. A titbit for two tons of rhino Elephant carrying palms. Elephant helping work in the zoo... Man pushing cart with elephant food. ...human bringing food for the elephant Elephant carrying its lunch. And here carrying her own lunch People watchiing children on small coloured train. Parents happily watching their children play.         Meanwhile the elephant returns to work Elephant again carrying palms. Deer in compound. Above beautifully marked deer in a rather hostile environment, and to the right at least these ones have plenty of greenery Deer with piles of leaves. People looking through railings with woods behind. The deer's view of their human audience: and of the enticing woods beyond.
Trivandrum Zoo's environment: pleasant for humans, tantalising for the deer
Wild boar with crow on its back. Wild boar with crows Giraffe leaning over fence. Giraffe with humans Crow with sign saying Indian Wild Boar. An Indian wild bird offers an arch link to the next page on truly wild birds in Iceland Trailers... Oystercatcher. The next page from crows in Trivandrum to oystercatchers in Iceland The Vatnajokull - Water Glacier in Iceland. The next page Next week in the Present Section - A Grain of Sand.
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