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Two bicycles so laden with hay that only the feet of the cyclists show. Mobile Haystacks Man wheeling bike with two large bales strapped to it. Often the bicycle is used more as a trolly Following the page on overladen Hondas, this page shows something of the loads carried without engines - here it is muscles not machines that are doing the transporting. This may be by riding a cycle, using the bike as a carrier for goods, pushing a trolly, or simply carrying loads on the back. To western eyes, some of the loads are indeed curious (like those on the motorbikes) or near impossible. The adaptive use of the bicycle is common; the wheels can be seen used for trollies in a couple of the pictures below. If the bike is to be so used then a way of holding and guiding it is valuable; an example of making poles, to do this job, is also shown below. Naturally as living standards rise more people are able to move away from depending on their muscles for such work - the extreme of such dependence is still met in the most remote communities, where large bundles are moved on human backs. Woman with hat and two large sacks on the back of her bike as she cycles down a Ha Noi street. It is likely that these sacks are filled with plastic bottles and cans. Many poorer people spend their days on 'rounds', calling at the businesses they know have recyclable materials and giving small sums of cash for plastic and metal - compare the western habit of simply dumping waste Cars and motorbike with cyclists, one of whom has a very long pole on his shoulder. The pole being carried by the man on the bike (partially obscured by the woman with the impromptu mask) must easily be five metres long Woman in violet top cycling past violet coloured gate with three large sacks on the back of her bike. More sacks on bikes, but these have agricultural produce in them. Mostly selected as I liked her choice of matching gatepost Woman on bike with bags hanging from handlebars. Another woman with hat and bike, but a more prosperous class,
as she takes her shopping home
Man walking with large object on the saddle of his bike. Again, here, the bike is being used as a trolly, but supports and a framework mean... Man wheeling bike with frame holding a matress. ...that more challenging items can be transported Man crouched down using a matchet to shape a pole. A friend outside his house making a pole to support his bike to help control heavier loads better Bicycle with poles attached leaning against a thatched house. The bike with the poles attached, these allow large weights to be guided, as seen below Man in lane wheeling a sack truck with two boxes, he has short green wellingtons. Sack trucks are found everywhere - as apparently
are green wellies
Man guiding heavy load of ceramics with poles attached to his bike. This man shows how such poles are used to control a bike with a heavy load of ceramics Behatted woman with loaded sack truck. The top box on her sack truck contains "Huggies" - more ubiquity Small cart loaded with bricks being pulled and pushed through traffic A much heavier load needing a puller and a pusher, but the wheels look as though they could be interchanged with those of a bicycle - the two carts below are similar Cart beng pulled, but head of puller obscured. This cart is loaded with cement, but only has one
person to pull it - gender unclear
Woman pulling cart in hat surrounded by traffic. Here more cement, this time in bags and being pulled through the traffic by a bare footed woman Man pulling cart loaded with trees in fruit waiting for traffic to clear. A much more substantial cart being pulled and pushed (although those feet could be supporting an idle body). Loaded with Kumquat trees for the Tết festivities. Two bundles walking away, one resting with man visible. Three images from the far north of... Two women on track, one with large bundle of corn. Vietnam where large loads of dried corn Woman walking up road with large bundle of grasses on her back. ...and grasses are still carried on the back Person descending stairs large bundle on shoulder. But it is not only in the remoter regions of the country that large loads are carried on the back... Man ascending stairs under enveloping bundle. Other bundles on steps. ...These two photographs were taken inside the Đồng Xuân market in central Hà Nội Man and infant together pushing an infant's tricycle. A less strenuous reason for pushing a vehicle Trailers... Procession of cycle rickshaws in Ha Noi. The next page of this section has photographs of cycle rickshaws in Hà Nội. A river raging in spate. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Motivating Myths'.
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