Rickshaws in Hà Nội

Line of rickshaws moving down wide street with motorbikes. A leisurely amble though Hà Nội's Old Town is particularly popular with visitors from Mainland China Street wth rickshaws going each way. Some rickshaws do ply streets individually The last page had photographs of people pushing, pulling and carrying loads. This page is about people being moved by people (and a buffalo). The moving is done by tricycle rickshaw - there are no rickshaws pulled by runners in Vietnam. And even in Kolkata rickshaws pulled by people were banned over a decade ago. Most of the cycle rickshaws you see in the old quarter of Hà Nội are organised by large hotels and used mostly by visitors from China. Going slowly through the traffic fumes of Hà Nội's packed streets is not a pleasure many people crave. Woman with load on motorbike, empty rickshaw following. Mostly the throngs of traffic give cycle rickshaws room Empty blue rickshaw. Not transport for poorer people - note the Mastercard sign Street scene with hawker, motorcyclist and rickshaw. Older rickshaws with older drivers blend into the traffic Man riding rickshaw turning towards another one. Whereas hotel rickshaws may have younger drivers Man looking, child pointing in rickshaw A good use of the cycle rickshaw is to corral children, and here, too,
the driver looks more engaged
Woman with child in rickshaw, seen from above. This (rather fuzzy) photograph of a rickshaw caught the rare image of a vietnamese mother and child Two women in a rickshaw one looking up at the photographer. And this one has a couple of happy western women who have noticed me taking their photograph Large woman occupying the whole of a rickshaw herself. Rickshaws are standard two seaters - some clients are larger Man riding rickshaw with two women wearing domed hat. The less common male equivalent of the conical hat Three rickshaw occupants. Part of a line of cycle rickshaws from one of the big hotels - patrons are commonly Chinese Man head back sleeping in rickshaw. A chance to doze for passengers... Line of parked rickshaws under trees at side of road. Company rickshaws wait near Hoàn Kiếm Lake End on view of line of parked rickshaws. ...and a comfortable seat for drivers between fares Front of canopies of six rickshaws showing humorous variations on the words 'Cultural Tours'. This group of cycle rickshaws spend their days around the Old Town of Hà Nội. But not many people notice the humour shown by their owner who has given each rickshaw a unique name
- the base name is 'Culture Tours'
Older rickshaw in wide road with Viet woman in it. A less common sight is a lone rickshaw, an older model... Side view of passing rickshaw. ...and here a modern one Street scene with rickshaw going away. A lone cycle rickshaw in a quiet street... Street scene with rickshaw in amongst traffic. ...whereas this man is competing with motor traffic Cart for 10 people being pulled by a buffalo. The day of any rickshaw is passing, cycling through Hà Nội's traffic is not a good idea. But in Vietnam it will probably be sometime before animals are saved from conveying people through the urban smog that now too often settles on the city Trailers... Motorcycle traffic on a Ha Noi street. The next page of this section has some typical views of Hà Nội - traffic! Sax player with drummer in flood lights. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Music,
Tales & Time'.
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