The Inner Sound

Shafts of sunlight and reflections on the sea with land on the horizon. The island of Raasay, with Skye beyond, taken from Applecross on the
mainland side of the Inner Sound
On the island studded western coast of Scotland, the body of water that lies between the Applecross peninsular and Raasay is designated the Inner Sound. A previous page brought you to the northern side of the Applecross peninsular. The name Applecross was renowned when the only road to the village went over the 'Pass of the Cattle' (Bealach na Bà), that road reaches 2,000 feet in the space of a mile or less and not surprisingly was often closed in poor weather - hence its newsworthiness. The old route for inhabitants of the area to mainland communities was by ferry from Toscaig to the Kyle. Some 30 years ago tracks around the north and west edge of the peninsular were connected into a weather-proof all year route. This page has some photographs of Applecross and southwards to the Kyle of Lochalsh. That famous point where the ferry for Skye departed was also the terminus for the Inverness rail-line. Pictures below include a selection taken from that most scenic of railways. A number of photographs on this page might well be rejected for showing the landscape in shades of blue-grey; but then, as the area of the UK with the highest rainfall, maybe some acknowledgement of the normal colour scheme can justify their inclusion. Ship in middle distance and mist covered hills beyond. An alternative view across the sound in more typical weather, and below a silver compromise Light glinting on the sea with hills beyond. Gloomy foreground with heavy clouds, sea and hills. Gloomy foreground with sea hill and cloud. From the desolate moorland of southern
Applecross the view across to Skye
Light foregound with lochan shower over hills on horizon across the sea. Looking from the northern tip of the Applecross peninsular southwards towards Skye - with rain shower Houses on spit of land with sea in front and beyond, yacht in foreground. Seen from Applecross village, the hamlet of Ard Dhubh, has a backdrop of Raasay and Skye Lochan with reeds, house on far side, sea beyond the house and hills beyond the sea. Loch a' Mhuilinn lies just south of Applecross village, here the view is of the hill (Chlachain) behind the eponymous bay Buttresses of rock with moreland leading up to them. Moving from the area around Applecross village to the famous Bealach na Bà (Pass of the Cattle). This is the Meall Gorm which forms a spectacular buttress wall to the... Looking up a wide valley with high butresses to the left, and just distinguishable roads. ...south of the pass. Above, the view up the valley with the buttress at the left. The road can be seen to the right and then at the far end of the valley climbing the apparent wall Snow bulging out and lining road. Up on the pass as it re-opens
in April - an icy barrier
Looking down the pass to the sea, a little snow at roadside. From a little lower down, with the buttress of the Meall Gorm at the right - a dyke barrier in 1970 Length of barrier with thread of road beyond. Lower down, a modern barrier replaces the dyke in 2021 Range of hills forming a extensive barrier. The wall of hills that stands between the lower lands of Applecross and the Highland mainland Boat with men in foreground, village across the water. South from Kishorn is the Kyle of Lochalsh. Above the view from the Kyle across to Looking down towards large ship in dock, undeveloped land around and across the water. On the south coast of the Applecross peninsular is Kishorn Port and Dry Dock, the site of the Kishorn Fabrication Yard Below, the view across to Skye The Skye hills in the distance islets in the foreground. Kyleakin, on Skye, where the ferry ("over the sea to Skye") landed, that was until the bridge was built. Below that bridge can be seen in the background The Lochalsh Hotel, landing stage and bridge in the distance. The Lochalsh Hotel watches over the old ferry terminal; arrayed in observation lounges Bay with houses and peaks beyond. These shots were taken from the train which runs between Inverness and the Kyle of Lochash, passing along the southern shore of Loch Carron, it gives sudden views into secluded bays Sea with land beyond and the outline of a cut off hill. The truncated volcano on Raasay - Dun Caan - a landmark from all around the Inner Sound Foreground of shingle and rivulets, scattered houses on far shore, big hills rising beyond. To the west of the old north landing of the Strome ferry is the Ardaneaskan community, seen here across Loch Carron, with the Applecross hills as backdrop Islets Skye distantly on horizon. Two views across the Inner sound to Skye... Island, boat, Skye filling the horizon. ...grey hills between grey waters and grey sky Ferry ramp into loch, fishing boat tied up to it, treed slope across the water. But it is not always grey. The north pier at Stromeferry where taking that ferry could save the long drive around Strathcarron Station then needed to regain the north-south road Seat looking  out to sea, Skye very small on horizon. On the point at Ardaneaskan, a seat with a view, inevitably in this part of Scotland it is, of Skye Looking through stone window frame out to sea with Skye on horizon. Here Skye is seen through a window in the west wall of Strome Castle Sunlit scene of houses at lochside aand hills beyond. A reminder that Wester Ross's weather is best characterised, not by the word grey, but rather that most desirable of attributes - variable. Loch Carron and the village of Lochcarron Trailers... Fishing boats in sunset with islands beyond. The next page of this section moves southwards, down the west coast of Scotland, to the Morar peninsular. Tree on hill at sunset. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Solitude'.
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