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Rainbow touching small island with dark clouds and hills beyond. A rainbow hits the islet, Eileen a' Chaoil, that stands on the boundary between Loch Shieldaig and Upper Loch Torridon The Torridon area comprises three sea lochs that lead into one another: between the outer Loch Torridon, and Upper Loch Torridon, lies Loch Shieldaig. The village of Shieldaig sits beneath Ben Shieldaig and from it runs the 'new' (1976) road round to Applecross village. This page takes you along that road, south of the lochs, to the headland at Fearnmore. The first part of this road, through the birch trees beside Loch Shieldaig, looking out at the grandeur of the Torridon Hills, is my candidate for most beautiful road! Map of the Project area. The North Applecross Woodlands Project's area is shown above and is explained to the right Text of introduction to the Project Area. Hill with many rock faces above trees. Evening sun catching Ben Shieldaig As with any set of views of the Western Highlands it is the ever changing light, continuously refreshing each prospect, that makes it so visually enthralling - although sometimes a little dampening! While pictures may replace a thousand words, they pale into insignificance compared to being there. I hope you have been, or can go soon. Loch with hills on far side greyed. The three Shieldaigs: the hill, the village and the loch Looking across the still waters of the loch. Not a breath of air disturbs the water of Loch Dughail - just to the south of Shieldaig village. These photographs... Two trees on the opposite bank reflected in the water. ...and the video below, were taken just as the sun was rising and touching the loch Ageing truncated Scots pine The Chinese have no monopoly on contorted pines A very short clip of a very long-tailed tit - the only movement Rainbow arching over separated trees. Fleeting showers make rainbows common in the area, here a dark cloud passes between the hills giving a
luminous quality to the green of the trees
Rocky cliffs of small island. Eilean Mor (the big island) in Loch Torridon is
just to the north of Kenmore; maybe a
touch diminutive for its grand title
Peninsular in front of headland with hills beyond. Threes: three lights on three pieces of land; subdued green of a near peninsular, light rock poking up from the peninsular beyond, and the dark hills as background... Red roofed house with a little mist on hill beyond the loch.
...Then three views of the same cottage; with Ben Shieldaig shown in three lights
Red roofed house with hill an even grey. Red roofed house with hill lit by evening light. Bay with sea beyond, two boats at anchor. Loch Beag at the hamlet of Ardheslaig House on peninsular with trees around it. House at Camas an-eilein by Arinacrinachd Ardheslaig with rowan berries, red tin roof and red phone-box. Red berries, red roof and red phone-box at Ardheslaig View out to sea with small loch near and the skye hills distant. Near Fearnmore, at the north-west tip of the Applecross peninsular where Loch Torridon joins the open sea, the view to the west is of Rona with Skye beyond and along the horizon. Loch nan Eun is in the foreground Row of houses at loch side with hills beyond. The hamlet of Kenmore looks to the hills in the east A video clip from above Ardheslaig, complete with roar of traffic Looking across bay to village at woters edge, rainbow and its echo falling on the water. Shieldaig village seen through rainbows Trailers... Bicycle laden with flowers under flowering tree. The next page jumps back to Hà Nội, and sales from bicycles on the streets of the city. Pillars and arches. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Circles'.
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