Văn Miếu or the Temple of Literature - Fifth Courtyard

Courtyard with long building opposite. This is the innermost courtyard, and these the last buildings of the Temple of Literature This is the second of two pages on Văn Miếu (literally the Temple of Literature) in Hà Nội. The first had photographs of the entrance pathway as far as the Courtyard of Ceremonies. Below are pictures of the fifth courtyard - Thái Học Viện - together with more architectural details. This is the last courtyard and is entered by the Thái Học gate which is situated just behind the statue of Confucius at the back of the Ceremonial Halls. On entering the final courtyard the visitor is facing the Thái Học buildings, the rear part of which is the only building on the site to Facade of the Thai Hoc Vien building. ...Thái Học Viện, and here one taken in November;
the bonsai are much sadder
Same photo but with bonsai looking much healthier. Above, a September shot of the facade of the... have two floors. These buildings are dedicated to worthies from the past, and are used for ceremonies in memory of such scholars; as well as being active teaching spaces for contemporary scholars. All the buildings of the Temple are careful reconstructions which were completed this century and are very much in use. Looking between two buildings and two bonsai into the courtyard. Looking back, two bonsai frame the Thái Học gate situated just behind the ceremonial halls The two story building at the back of the Temple. The final building of the Temple is arranged on two floors - this is a view from the east side Stone garden lantern. One of the decorative stone lanterns. Were they ever used as such? If so, how was a light inserted? Eaves of buildings in group. And here, that last building seen from the west side, offering a riot of up-curved eaves Along edge of roof with upturned eaves and supports. At the side of the Đại Thành Pavilion the eave supports are vermillion Corner of main building with up-turned eave. An immaculate upturned eave on the
most recently reconstructed building
Older eave with support. Older reconstructions whave a soft patina Balcony on two story building with photographer and woman. The balcony of the new rear building being used as a photographic set Large expanse of tiled roof with apparently small building beyond. The tile work of the new roofs seem almost to have a Gaussian interference pattern in concrete form. Beyond is the roof of the Drum House House with huge drum between two lines of buildings. The Drum House from between the Thái Học Buildings Stone figure in elaborate clothes holding mace. Ceremonial figure (misplaced) from the Middle Gate Angle view of huge drum in its house. The Drum House Close up of drum resting on its cradle. The modern drum in its pristine cradle Small vermillion pillard pavilion with elaborate roof ridge carvings. Small side pavilion with roof ridge decoration of... Close up of roof carvings from previous building. ...diving fish and serpents beside a pot Large urn with small one beside it on floor between pillars, inner room just visible. A magnificent urn stands at the entrance to the Chu Văn An memorial shrine Close up of top of urn leg showing creature's face. One leg of the Urn Urn with inner room and statue visible. A similar shot, showing the inner chamber when lit Two women posing in front of statue with photographers. The statue of Chu Văn An as backdrop for devotees Two red and gold seated figures looking to the right. In the hall on the south side of the Thái Học courtyard are these four disciples of Confucius. Maybe Yanhui, Zengshen and Zisi are not household names in Europe, but you might have heard of Mencius... Two red and gold seated figures looking left, praying hands visible. ...Maybe he is the one receiving acknowledgement from the praying hands at the left of the photograph. Which also makes the point that this is a Temple: a secular building memorialising famous sages, philosophers or leaders Seated red and gold figure surrounded by plants and symbolic objects. At the centre and focal point of the Temple of Literature,
sits Confucius

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