The Morar Peninsular

Fishing boat on pink sea with the unique profile of Eigg beyond. Setting Sun from Arisaig - Number One.     Showing An Sgurr, on Eigg, in silhouette Farm in green landscape with mountains beyond. The rail line from Rannoch Moor to Fort William and then on to Mallaig offers a perfect entrance to the area... The Morar Peninsular, on Scotland's west coast, faces the south of Skye and the Small Isles of Eigg, Rum, Canna and Muck. At its north west tip is the town of Mallaig to which the railway from Fort William runs. The peninsular is bisected by Loch Morar. This page differs from others in Picture Posting; rather than having the form of a story, the page is hung on five main images of the setting sun as seen from Arisaig, all taken from just south of Morar village, looking across the Sound of Sleat to the Cuillins on Skye. These shots are interjected with asides showing parts of this delightful area. The five shots that form this skeleton are not from exactly the same spot, but do show the sun falling in sequence to the horizon. Viaduct seen from train carriage window, wiwth 25 mph speed restriction. ...including passing over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, here seen from a carriage window... Treed valley, distant water under hills. ...and offers this angle on the Glenfinnan monument, (an apparently tiny column at the water's edge) Golden sunset with sun touching mountains and reflected in sea. Setting Sun from Arisaig - Number Two.     The sun outlining the Cuillins of Skye Road with phonebox and sheep passing. Phone boxes went out of use due to disinterest from locals... Group sheep sitting and grazing by sea with distant hills. ...who were also rather unconcerned with Skye's mountains Snow covered hills behind lower nearer hills at head of loch. Looking west down Loch Morar, the village of Morar is backed by the Cuillins and
the (not so red in this April view) Red Hills of Skye
Several boats and dighies on placid water. Working boats on such calm waters... Single boat with fringe of tree branches. ...seem to amateurs enticing Red sunset stemming from behind mountain range. Setting Sun from Arisaig - Number Three.     The sun now behind the Red Hills on Skye Dull winter view along loch with slight snow cover on hills. Looking to the east along Loch Morar Ships waiting by houses across water. Ferries queue at the Mallaig harbour Early spring view of hill covered in snow foreground snow-free with road and rail line. The old road, along south Morar, points to An Stac across Loch Ailort Sailing boat in quiet water. But pleasure boats are also seen in numbers Small white church with water beyond and snow covered hills behind water. A new road has been laid here at the northern tip of Loch Ailort, the view from the old road offers this splendid prospect of the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Braes. It has been disused since 1986 and on the register of Scottish Buildings at Risk Contorted branches of bare tree with loch beyond. In the clear early spring light a tree shows its complex... Rock and reflection in pelucid water. ...skeleton; and a rock its underwater neighbours Sun behind hills, a number of moured yachts. Setting Sun from Arisaig - Number Four.     Light fast fading leaving the boats dark Rocks by shore of loch. Two views along Loch Morar in maybe... Trees by anad islets in loch. ...more typical light than the photograph below Red and green boats and their reflections on still blue sea. Like painted ships upon painted water Brown ruined cottage in brown landscape, loch beyond. Away from the road, buildings like these are still found near Loch Morar. Some may be the remains of... Ruined cottage on hillside. ...'Fermtouns' - communities that coalesced together around working the land, before 'villages' flourished Fishing boat dark with end of red sunset in sky. Setting Sun from Arisaig - Number Five.
A final shot as night takes over the Sound of Sleat between Arisaig and Skye
Trailers... Monument of three men looking across to snow covered mountains. The next page of this section has pictures from the southern end of The Great Glen. Women at stall selling shoes. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Our Decisions'.
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