Architecture - Singapore Style

The entrance to the ION Shopping Mall. The entrance to the 'ION Orchard' Go to another site. a shopping centre and integrated residential tower (Orchard Residences) on Orchard Road Go to another site. - the epicentre of Singapore's dedication to the consumer Looking straight onto the ION entrance. The flowing lines of the entrance to ION Orchard ION entrance and tower behind. Above the ION Orchard entrance towers Orchard Residences. This whole complex started operation in 2009 having been built on a park over an underground station. It was designed by the Singapore firm RSP Architects Planners and Engineer Ltd. Picture Posting says good-bye to Singapore with some images of its recent architecture. The energy and imagination to be seen is inspiring. Not only where it might be expected in buildings dedicated to the arts, but in such necessary facilities are the new underground stations which make the traveller wish to loiter. Or the entrances to shopping arcades (Surely worth five photos!) or the paving of underpasses. Everywhere there is visual delight. ION entrance staircase porch. Porch for the escalators to the cool malls below ION entrance and water jets. Water!           I wonder if the picture is good enough for you to be able to see that the curves are water shooting up out of one hole and exactly descending back into a second hole? Parliament buildings. By contrast the Parliament Building Go to another site. constructed as recently as 1995 - no plaudits here Queen Elizabeth Walk. Singapore greatly honours green spaces, and indeed greenery. Here in the form of the Queen Elizabeth Walk where style does not change - except maybe in sunshades Chinese Garden Station and Parc Oasis flats. The Chinese Garden station on the underground with Parc Oasis, built in 1985, behind it and a... Parc Oasis flats. ...thunderstorm behind that. OK tower blockiness, but with just a touch of grace in the curves Durian Performing Arts Centre. Esplanade Theatres Go to another site. contains a concert hall and a 2,000 seat theatre. The triangular aluminium shades give it the appearance that evoked at once the epithet 'Durian', rather better than the original design which had produced the response 'Copulating Aardvarks' Marriott Hotel on Orchard Road. The Marriott hotel on Orchard Road with its Chinese upturns and areas of greenery Man walking on Durian roof. A worker traversing the Durian's roof Escalator with textured walls in the National Gallery. Wall and lighting used in the extension to the National Gallery - as in so many places in Singapore, details worthy of a pause Pool with balls reflecting the Downtown Core. Downtown Core seen from the pool in front of the Durian - complete with ornamental balls Durian entrance. The ground level of the Durian. Durians are the (unofficial) national fruit of Singapore. Smelling of faeces, tasting divine, is there a moral here? Escalators inside Wheelock cone. Within the Wheelock Cone, Orchard Road, the escalators taking (U.K.) shoppers to reassuringly familiar locations Looking up inside the Wheelock Cone. Looking up inside the glass and steel cone which covers the entrance to Wheelock Place Buris Junction Entrance. The entrance to Bugis Junction - an integrated development of shops, offices and hotel Orchard Road entrance to Wheelock Place. The Wheelock Place entrance. A shopping centre and office block opened in 1994; underground it connects to ION Orchard Walkways under the Esplanade Bridge. These under-bridge paths are interesting to the finest detail, compare this to some of our distressing pedestrian underpasses in the UK The Han Restaurant. Style in eating Go to another page. with tasteful lighting and decoration. In fact a picture slipped in for cháu Hân, to encourage his new restaurant in Tĩnh Gia Looking through the piers of the Esplanade Bridge with boat passing. Under the Esplanade Bridge - a boat passes between piers Picture Posting has little on big cities and no where to go from here but to the opposite extreme. Next week's page takes you to Pasumalai Thangal Village - so remote that it is not on Google. It is about 150 klms south-west of Chennai within the Manalapadi P.O. (which is on Google) in Tamil Nadu - remote, quiet, simple. Ox cart near Pasumalai Thangal Village. line
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