Barra Landscapes

Hartaval, clouds and sun-shaftes. Approaching Castlebay Barra is the most southerly of the main islands of the Outer Hebrides; those protective islands that fall like a necklace down Scotland's Atlantic coast. To its north are the Uists, and to its south the small islands of Vatersay, Sandray, Pabbay and Mingulay. The proverbial restless weather offers artists (not least photographers) a constant flux in the wonderful light, however, for those who miss constancy, there is a one, it is the tugging, nagging, buffeting wind. This page has landscapes, the next page has more detailed shots of nature. Loch with boats and a creel on the shore. The turquoise waters with the kelp on the seabed clearly visible; a creel sits in the foreground Beach on Vatersay looking towards Hartaval. Looking from the island of Vatersay through a slight drizzle towards Castlebay, Barra's main community Loch with Hartaval beyond. In the background of the last picture, and shown above, is Hartaval, Barra's main hill The Sea of The Hebrides from Hartaval. The view from the top of Hartaval, east across the 'Sea of The Hebrides' towards the Inner Hebrides some 50 miles (80 kms) away; they are just visible. Nearly at the centre is a yacht Borve with the Atlantic beyond. A view of the Atlantic from the slopes of Hartaval, Borve lies in the valley below and next to it... The community of Craigston. ... Craigston under Beinn Mhartainn; houses spaced by their land, typical of rural Scottish communities Castle Bay and the islands to the south of Barra. Another view from Hartaval, this time to the south, with the community of Castlebay, Kisimul Castle in Castle Bay, and beyond the succession of islands: Vatersay, Sandray, Pabbay and Mingulay The area inland from Castle Bay. One of the most photogenic castles in the world sits in Castle Bay, just off shore from Castlebay town... Kisimul Castle in Castle Bay. was probably built by Gilleonan Macneil in the 1420s, the Macneils seemed to have settled in Barra in the 11th century... Kisimul Castle with Vatersay beyond. ...and is known as Kisimul (Kiessimul) Castle, beyond it is Vatersay island Boat and Kisimul castle. More shots of Kisimul Castle... Meadows with buttercups and Castle bay ...taken from Castlebay township The view northwards from Hartaval. At the north end of Barra, the view across the Sea of the Hebrides towards the northern part of Skye, with Eriskay at the right, and South Uist to the left The view north-east towards Skye. And in this shot the hills are those of the Cuillins on Skye, with the distinctive shape of Raasay's Dun Caan (about 60 miles away) showing to their left Brevig Bay. Brevig Bay opening out to the Sea of the Hebrides Vatersay and Hartaval. Hartaval from Vatersay with drizzle Boat with wake and Barra. Barra being left in the wake of the steamer Sligeanach peninsular. The Sligeanach peninsular with no drizzle The burial ground at Sligeanach towards sunset. The Bruach Bearnasdale burial ground, looking rather like a line of attentive birds in silhouette The next page stays on Barra and has still shots of moving things - of the life that is so insistent and pervasive in places where humans have not yet pushed it out. Waves forming foam on rocks. line
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