Contrasts: Glasgow to Islay

Large wire horse and sign 'Glasgow Business Park'. Approaching Glasgow on the motorway from the east Andy Scott's Clydesdale horse
can't fail to catch your eye
This page contrasts two very different aspects of Scotland: shots suggesting activity and urbanity in Glasgow are followed by photos, taken exactly on the same latitude, but on the soft Atlantic sea board of the country where the next land is America. These latter are from the island of Islay and were mostly taken forty years ago, giving another-worldly air
- and a pastel (admittedly inferior)
quality to the images.
Intersecting motorway lanes with tower blocks in the background. Glasgow also has the familiar urban landscape of intersecting motorways beside high rise flats... Bridge covered in wild plants, trees all around, and tower in background. ...but also, at the west end of the city centre, the River Kelvin brings a country feel to the town, here by Snow Bridge... Bowling green with university buildings including tower behind. ...and nearby the tower of the James Watt buildings reminds bowlers of the neighbouring university Looking along lane with barrow and bikes. The city's West End also provides the pleasures of the magnificent Kelvingrove Museum
- here the main hall
Aircraft hanging in hall facing camera, stuffed animals below. Aircraft hanging in hall rear to camera, stuffed animals below. ...and, in another hall, a strange mixture of aircraft and animals Looking down on stuffed animals with person sitting beside them. Elsewhere in the museum - strange creatures... Women walking in pedestrianised street. ...might be compared to shoppers on Sauchiehall Street Looking down main pedestrianised street beside statue looking same way. Central to the physical city and its social life, Donald Dewar looks down Buchanan Street.

  At the bottom of which
lies Central Station      
The wire hourse again. That metal horse again and...   View through arches supported by large stone pillars in river. The River Clyde under Central Station Glass fronted building with reflections of blue sky and older buildings. ...the hard rectangles of an office block on St. Vincent St. conduct us out... Soft shot of shore, distant building, with low cloud. mist on the Rhinns of Islay (cf. Rhinns of Galloway - 'headland') lifting slightly to show the grey Atlantic Tangled mass of winter trees. Above a counterbalance to the glass office block
- formless winter vegetation
Red deer Six deer on skyline. Group of deer. Deer looking up at photographer. From the hard lines and colours of urban life, to soft browns and greens shrouded in mist - 80 miles (120 kms) to the west of central Glasgow lies the island of Islay Bay area with sea beyond and church to right. Machir Bay with Kilchoman Church to the right Bay with low cloud. Lapping curves of receding waves on a sandy bay. Bays dot the west coast of Islay, some with shallow sloping beaches which let the breakers form lazy patterns Cottage with chimnies and much of roof intact, but ridge slates missing. A rare sight now as such cottages, still a common sight in the 1970s, became of interest to richer people from the mainland - often becoming holiday houses Boat in foreground, distant boat in patch of sun. While the soft air with its misted light are familiar to this part of the world, there are many days... Rust cloured boat reflecting in sunlight. ...of translucence and clarity, as with these fishing boats off the Islay coast Tree growing up a few feet then turning horizontally for most of its height. An Islay tree acknowledges the wind direction, and the quality of the light,
on Scotland's west coast

Trailers... Sea island and fishing boat. The next Picture Posting page takes you over to the island of Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde. Silhouetted figues on low paved area with rising sun and statue behind. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'A Stage'.
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