The South Coast of Tenerife

South coast of tenerife with cactus. The south coast of Tenerife is fully built-up along a narrow band of the sea, driving a couple of miles to the north leads to open country Tenerife is easy and cheap to get to and (in the south) offers cloudless skies and clear waters. But there is more to it than that. Most visitors to the coastline want nothing more than what it offers, so drive a couple of miles inland or up to the north and the island is amazingly untouched by the cruder forms of tourism. The twelve thousand feet of Mount Teide dominates the whole island and to its north are lush laurel forests and delightful Spanish villages. This page stays on the south coast and shows a little of the good things to be found there, the next two pages take you to the rest of the island. Fields behind the urban sprawl. Fields outside the tourist beach belt Popies at a roadside. ...more space and poppies appear by the road Hillside villas. Hillside villas with views to the sea... Pines and suburbia. Then a bit higher up the road and beyond the houses, the pinewoods introduce the lower slopes of the mountainous hinterland... Pines above the cloudline. ...and soon the ascent takes the visitor above the cloud level Flowers by the road. Wildflowers flourish with the cooler air Clouds and the sea. Another view over the clouds to the sea Pines in poor soil. Thinly spaced pines on the light soil of the hillside Rocks at the shore. And the contrasting dazzle of the sun at sea level Playa de las Americas and whales. The Playa de las Americas forms the backdrop for the many boats which leave each day to take visitors to see the pilot whales Two pilot whales. Two pilot whales swim together alongside the boat Pod of pilot whales. A pod of pilot whales Approaching whale. ...and approaches it inquisitively Two whales circling. A whale turns towards the boat... La Caleta and Costa Adeje. La Caleta and Costa Adeje Attractive corner of the coast. Some angles on this, too often barbaric, coastline can be attractive Airport and red mountain. The airport with the (here not so) Red Mountain forming the background, beside it is La Tejita beach Black volcanic rock. Naturally black volcanic rocks ornimenting a pool Artificial rocks in a pool. Unnaturally white concrete 'rocks' offer contrast. Tenerife beaches are black volcanic ash, all white sand is imported Palm lined pool by the sea. Palms, blue pool and sea - sufficient for many visitors Underwater swimmer in clear pool. A swimmer in warm clear blue water - Tenerife's south coast The next page leaves the sometimes monotonous world of sun seekers and goes to the cool laurel forests and Spanish towns of the northen part of the island which are surely diverse and interesting enough for any visitor. Flower carpet in La Orotava. line
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