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Skate boarder a metre up in the air. Entertainment in the streets abounds at the Edinburgh Festival. And although unplanned, this performance by skate-boarders is no doubt given with half an eye to those watching The last page about Calton Hill led on to the Beltane celebrations. This page continues the theme of free outdoor performances, with more from the time of the Edinburgh festivals, with shots of shenanigans in the streets particularly beside the galleries on Princes Street and in Holyrood Park. An earlier page had a similar theme based on the High Street. Included are improvisation, rallies, musicians, and the spectators themselves - all provide entertainment. The photographs come from the 1980s and do show their age, so even by my rather too low technical standards, there is a bit of a dip here - I hope the lack of sharp detail does not spoil the sense of place and time for you. Speaker at microphone with banners behind. Owen Dudley Edwards on 'Scottish Home Rule' (as it was then called - appropriately for this Irish campaigner) Bearded man in flat cap. A flat cap. Might suggest some social diversity midst... Stall selling celtic carvings and broaches. ...the preponderance of more middle class interests on display at the Festival Skate boarder being watched by  a girl. The girl's attention is caught Boy's face being painted. A slight air of 'I do this to amuse these adults'... Boy with painted face watching balloons being twisted. ...whereas this boy seems delighted by the fool's hat and the twisted balloons Man offering leaflet. Man offering leaflet to girl. An attentive crowd forms A crowd with its attention well engaged. The handing out of leaflets, feet barely moving, becomes a performance Boy runs past the man and snatches a leaflet. Man turns behind him to give a leaflet. Performer introducing a boy to help him. 'Here is a willing volunteer who will help me... Performer squerting foam onto a plate held by a volunteer. ...with my performance.' You may guess the rest... Man in black clothes and white make up in low light with Castle beyond. A damp dusk and a glowering castle frame a mime artist Mime group dressed in black and white. Mime in the Royal Park spontaneously staged among the planned shows that are given beside Holyrood Palace Man with three batons in the air and one in his hand. A performance needing absolute attention... Man with three batons in the air and one on the ground. ...or a baton drops Audience looking to the right. Audiences do offer absorbing interest. Maybe they were intent on what this mono-cyclist had on... Mono-cyclist holding strings leading to.... ...the end of his lines, but which is now long gone from my memory Four women harmoniously dressed jigging while playing saxaphones. Here an arranged, but still free, performance - Saxophonists with style Guitar and dolcimer player. Musicians spontaneously provide free music... Four women brass players. ... in the areas beside the Galleries... Male group of musicians. ...on Princes Street. But the arranged, and often exotic performances,... Man playing animal horn. ...such as this 'horn' player and... Woman dancing to drummer. ...troupe from Africa, that perform in the Park, are also free Man in minimal costume holding large drum. A hot air balloon backs a man who knows how to get attention - Edinburgh at Festival time Trailers... Processing plants gushing steam. The next page of this section has a citizen's view of Edinburgh. Lake with pier and fisherman. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'That Little Tug - -'.
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