Into Hà Nội

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Man pushing barrow in narrow road. This page continues walks around the Old Quarter of Hà Nội. Here the interest is in the crowded lanes and activities that are conducted along the way... View of lane with consdierable sunlight. Looking down between balconies to lane. ...and which everywhere impede the use of the roads and pavements.

These two photographs look down into a lane from one of the overhanging houses above
Looking down on busy lame with bikes and sellers. Looking along lane with barrow and bikes. Lane crowded with motorbikes. These tightly packed alleys still manage to house lines of motor-bikes Going deeper into the lanes the light (and air) becomes less and less Duller lane ending in sight. Deep shadow in lane. Gloomier and gloomier they become, a relief from the sun, but not from the humidity; eventually the lane ends. Suddenly. And the visitor must retrace their steps, sometimes for half a kilometre or more. Corner of lane with decorative entrance and panels. On other occasions, as here, a lane bends leaving a feeling of space, in this case
a pagoda has seen an opportunity to edge into the rare space...
Pagoda entrance with Chinese characters. Looking through pagoda entrance at screen. is seen here looking back from the... Looking through pagoda entrance with mythical statue behind spirit screen. leg of the lane. And once the gates open the spirit screen is revealed. Left, as it appeared one autumn day, then above, a couple of months later, now with a 'Guardian' to help protect the pagoda Street Activities Two men bending a metal rod. Bending concrete re-enforcement rods Man sitting on pavement with drill beside him. Gentler work, sitting on the pavement thinking about it, drill at the ready Man bending over cycle with spanner. While motorbikes are now the norm, in the country, cycles are still everywhere and need attention This clip of film shows a little stretch of the metal workers street in central Hà Nội Man cutting metal woman sitting beside him. More demanding, metal shears at work, while a woman waits Woman working on paper on pavement. Making placards for a wedding Man sitting across doorway, legs strait out in front. A joiner sits showing a suppleness of limb Man grinding metal on two disk grinder, other disk by electric cable. Grinding metal, a cable endangered? Man hunkered on low stool hammering a sjeet of metal. The sound of sheet metal being hammered is a familiar auditory accompaniment
in the Old Quarter of Hà Nội
Man, hammer raised to fall on white hot bar on anvil. The pavement's slabs can
be seen just above. Work that encroaches onto the pavement can be striking! Imagine Health and Safety's concern over white hot mental being forged on the public road
in a western country.
Last man's hammer hitting metal bar.

Trailers... The Glasgow Business Park horse welcomes the apporaching visitor. The next page goes from the bustle and noise of central Hà Nội to the space of Islay, but with a stop over in Glasgow. Indicator board with mountains and sea beyond. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Landscape'.
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