Coffee and Tea

Chess players looking down, holding tea and hoolding cigarette. Tea seller behind. Man blowing smoke. Having held his breath for two weeks, the man at the back, breaths out! And with that the focus changes to the glass of tea held by the player on the left This page takes a diversion from the streets, to the universality of tea as seen in Vietnam. The next page returns to the streets. Tea is found everywhere, being served on every occasion, acting as an essential welcome on each meeting, and accompaniment to all gentle activity; and it is for this last reason that it companions chess. On the other hand while Vietnam is the second biggest exporter of coffee in the world, coffee drinking remains less common. Coffee is served in particular outlets, and drunk more by those espousing a less artisan, often more western, life style. As in all countries tobacco smoking, which in Vietnam is largely a male addiction, follows closely in tandem with coffee drinking. This page offers some photographs of these ubiquitous human indulgences in Vietnam. Huddle around chess game, glass of tea centre. Back in the chess huddle, a glass of tea is central Front of stall with two large words and a dozen glass jars in front of cabinets of tea. A shop offering a range of teas and coffees. Trà [pronounced char] as in the English 'a cup of char' - both being from the Chinese word. The prices on the jars at that date, 2008, were from about £1.50 to £3.00 a kilo Man and woman sitting by teapot, tea glass and tea cup. Wedding parents having a quiet cup of tea. And at another... People sitting at table and reaching out and toasting with tea cups., the bride's family host the groom's with tea Group sitting on either side of reception table in house with tea cups. Tea takes centre stage whenever people meet, from the informality of the pavements of the city, to the formality of two families meeting as in this photograph Terraced hillside with tea leaves in foreground. Rounded hills lined with tea terraces. The terraced landscape of a tea producing area Foreground tea bushes, background tea terraces. Han smiling as he lights a tobacco water pipe, tea on the table. Tobacco gets a look in, here in the form of a Vietnamese water-pipe accompanied by tea. Another water-pipe is on the Mèo Vạc page Filed of tobacco plants, karsts in background. Tobacco cultivation in the north of Vietnam. The amounts grown are modest considering the large amounts smoked, they account for under 3% of agricultural land Coffee shrub in winter. A rather sad looking coffee plant... Three women and child by coffee plant. ...those presumed responsible... Leaves of coffee plant. ...and the leaves of a healthier specimen Pavement in front of Cafe Lam. Various people sitting. Woman leaning on another walking past. Man cleaning shoes. Coffee shops, like this one, usually belong to chains. This is the entrance to a 'Café Lâm' coffee house. Commonly customers have their shoes cleaned while imbibing - left corner. Stroke sufferers are often seen encouraged by a companion to exercise Three men and a woman leaning into a conversation, wall with pictures. A lively conversation at Café Lâm, the trademark original artists' works are a noticeable feature... Three men and a woman leaning back from a conversation, wall covered in pictures. ...of their establishments. And in this branch a more relaxed conversation Two men together at a table separately texting, two further men at another table conversing. Another type of conversation in virtual space - this was in 2007 when texting was still a novelty Coffee filtering into a cup with glass of water on table, on veranda, next to beach, boat and sea. Coffee by the China Sea Two western women talking at table in coffee house, side of Viet woman. Women patrons - western and Vietnamese Two men in cafe at separate tables one on phone, one picking teeth. Tooth picking in another Café Lâm The dark interior of a cafe. An unadjusted photo gives a better sense that coffee houses are often dark places offering shelter from the sun Knee, hands holding keys, and face, street beyond. A grabbed shot of two men at the next table. Motor bike keys are commonly toyed with Clean wood table top with coffee filters for three, glasses, camera, purse and lamp. The debris of three small cups of coffee Small dark brown coffee with teaspoon and steam. Steaming white coffee Black western styly coffee cup with Highland badge on side and a leaf configured in foam. Hands and watch beside it. The moniker of the 'Highland' chain of coffee shops, which contrast with 'Café Lâm' being bright, urbane and modern Two coffee glasses with filters sitting on them beside a glass of ice on table on veranda by beach. Back by the China Sea for iced coffee, with sweetness if the thick layer of condensed milk in the glass is stirred Two small coffee cups with spoons in them, and keys on table. Coffee simpliciter. Thick, very dark or black

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