Edinburgh Cityscape

Sunset with crane and spire. These first photographs are more about dusk over the city than its own unique features Misty late evening with many spires. Not quite a city of dreaming spires, but not a bad haul For the last of the run of Edinburgh pages, a sweep around the city picking up on some of its fine views that have been missed in previous pages. A circular panorama from Blackford Hill offers a slither of a view through 270 degrees, making the city look rather flat. An attribute of Edinburgh which many a beating heart would testify to being an illusion! Inevitably sunsets just have to be given space, my favourite being to the left of these words. Much of the variation in quality speaks of the fact that most of the images were taken on film some of which has not stood the test of time so well. Blood red sun at horizon. Tower blocks in north Edinburgh Sun touching horizon. Southwards and a winter sun setting Winter trees with loch and evening light. Duddingston Loch offers peaceful twighlight seen from Arthur's Seat Orb of sun between two clumps of trees. A golf course with space, but creeping in at the left blocks for flats to the south of the city City rooftops with hill beyond. Long lenses offer strange compositions. Here St Giles' Cathedral is accompanied by the dome of the Bank of Scotland with the Forth Bridge to the right and the pillars of the road bridge to either side of the hill Four frames joined with hill in foreground and houses beyond.

These two panoramas are each composites of four images taken from Blackford hill. Such wide angle shots render the city rather flat, lacking its characteristic hilliness.
Above, west to north; below north-east to south
Four frames joined with Arthurs Seat in centre and trig point at right. City centre rooftops with estuary and mountains beyond Looking north-west across the city centre towards Fife. The North British Hotel, with its clock tower, dominates the right of the picture Roofscape with done, spire and tower. Contrasting Roofscapes. The Old Town... Complex of hexagon roofs with suburb extending around and beyond. ...Scottish Widows Building, South Side... Dome with clutter of roofs around it. ...the dome of General Register House Rainbow arched over townscape. Looking east from the city centre Heavy clouds over sea with narrow band of city at bottom. Leith and eastwards from the City Centre Suburbs with large chimney smoking at coastline. Portobello power station was still working in 1974 Snow covered golf coourse with city of white patches, smoking chimneys and clouds in warm sunrise. This and the shots below show views from Murrayfield Golf Course, which not unreasonably claims the 'Best Views in Edinburgh'. Above, a winter's day looking east towards Arthur's Seat and Portobello - this was taken in the 1990s and the power station has gone Golf course with brown grass, Arthurs Seat and city. A similar view taken in early spring Amassed crocuses. And in later spring the grass has recovered its vibrance Golf course with mowen lines and Arthur's Seat centrally. A similar view in the soft light of a winter's day Misty winter snow shot of the same golf course. And here, full summer Summer shot looking over the city towards Calton Hill and Arthurs Seat. Calton Hill and Arthur's Seat from Murrayfield Golf course with Calton Hill. Calton Hill from Murrayfield City centre with chimney pots and brightly lit castle. The Castle a touch over-lit in the twilight Dark city with points of light and light in sky. Twilight across Edinburgh as the lamps come on Suburb with treed hill and large house beyond A suburb of Victorian housing spreads out towards (onetime) Craig House Hospital on Craiglockhart Hill Looking over roofs on south side of town towards hills. The view from the Castle towards the Pentland Hills -
new buildings of the financial area to the right
Two tower blocks in foreground with ships and estuary beyond and town on far side. Leith tower blocks, echoed six miles away, across the
Firth of Forth
Church spire and rooftops iwth hills beyond and apparent roads on the hill. Looking south past the Observatory, on Blackford Hill, to the artificial ski slopes on the Pentlands Rooftops of east of city with sea beyond and volcano shaped hill in centre of horizon. Looking east over central Edinburgh, an ageing photograph - having lost much of its colour, however, it features North Berwick Law dead centre, to the left of which, just visible, above the chimney, is its partner hill - the Bass Rock - which is the subject of the next page Trailers... White coloured island in the sea. The next page of this section takes you to the island just visible from Edinburgh in the picture above - The Bass Rock. Large words on a rock above a river. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Language Genesis'.
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