Edinburgh Castle Observed

Castle with city around it, snow marked foreground. Edinburgh Castle with the city spread around it on a winter's day. Taken from Salisbury Crags Views of the City of Edinburgh are virtually synonymous with a town surrounding a castle on a hill. This page fosters that visual cliche, being filled with photographs observing 'The Castle' from a distance. The excuse for the plethora of views is the changes wrought by the light and the weather which so embellish the cityscape: times of day and season often transforming the buildings dramatically. This page circles around the buildings that make up the Castle, but does not enter. Later pages gain entry. And then take you down into the gardens below the castle, and on around the city. Fountain with castle on rock above it. Looking up at the north-east corner of the Castle from Princes Street Gardens South side of castle lit, west side in shadow. Low winter sun flat lighting the southern side Looking down a street with tenements on both sides and the castle ahead. Seen from the south between the tenements of Tollcross Street pointing to castle with land behind it. This rather strange long lens view from Blackford Hill of the south side brings the hills of Fife up close as background First of three views of south side - dull light. Three qualities of light Second of three views of south side - evening light. on the Castle Third of three views of south side - blue light. as seen from the south-west Castle to right Cathedral spires and hill to left. The Castle from the south-east with Corstorphine Hill as horizon, and the three spires of the
Anglican Cathedral in the middle distance
Castle framed by leaves and tree trunk. The Castle from the Botanic Gardens showing its north side
- inevitably in shadow
Near pigeon facing castle across cemetery. A pigeon's eye view of the
south east side
Castle silhouetted against orange and blue-green sky. Back to the south west side for a dawn shot Castle from Princes Street with statue of soldier on horseback. Taken from Princes Street, on the north side, with the Royal Scots Greys Memorial in attendance Grass slope with trees and castle beyond. From the north east with the opulent Ramsay Terrace peeping in Railings surmounted by castle. Looking up from The Mound on the north east side.
And, in the next picture...
Castle from south-east, dome of McEwan Hall to left. ...taken from the south east, local features include: McEwan Hall, Potter Row Mosque, and (right) St Leonard's Castle in sunlight contrasting with dark buildings. Looking from the south east with the sun just catching The Castle. The dome of Old College is indistinctly visible in the centre of the photo Castle with louring clouds above. Above snow clouds gather... Castle disappearing in snow. ...and drop their contents onto the city. It is not only the angle and the light that makes The Castle so seductive for photographers,
- but the changing weather.
Passing ragged edges of snow clouds. As the snow passes backlight returns to the precipitation Rooftops with snow and dim castle beyond. The snow stops leaving a white edged city... Rooftops and castle in snow and sun. ...and then the sun returns to light it up The ruined Craigmillar Castle. A slight interjection. Edinburgh City has a number of castles. Above is Craigmillar Castle one of ten with the title 'castle', besides which there are also three 'towers' The entrance to the Castle across the esplanade. And so to the inside of Edinburgh Castle via the Castle Esplanade. This is the area where every year seating for 8,800 people is erected for the Military Tattoo Bridge into small castle entrance. And this is the gate through which the next page will take you into the Castle Trailers... Edinburgh Castle from the south-east. The next page of this section takes you into Edinburgh Castle. Two men, one holding a lit match, the other cupping his hands around it. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Friendship'.
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