Singapore's Downtown Core

Boat Quay at night. Boat Quay Go to another site. sits on the last bend of the Singapore River - the night view has undoubted magic 'Downtown Core' is the assertive name given to Singapore's centre. This page pays homage to these skyscrapers, a rare tribute from a site that largely celebrates rural life. The giant buildings congregate on the last bends of the Singapore River Go to another site. as it flows into Marina Bay, and enters the Singapore Straits, beyond which are the islands of Indonesia. On this page the emphasis is on height and quantity, for Singapore holds records on a number of such counts, however, lest you should gain an unbalanced idea of Singapore, the next page shifts attention away from sheer scale and more to the quality of the buildings, and the way Singapore has encouraged innovation in the best of modern architecture. Boat Quay at in the day. Boat Quay again, but in daylight, the magic is gone, lost to grey slabs UOB building and walkway in the day. UOB Plaza (United Overseas Bank) dominates this walkway behind the riverside cafes UOB building and river at night. And a similar shot by night with the cafes to the right and the UOB building ahead Walkway at Boat Quay. Looking down on the walkway along Boat Quay at night The cafes that line Boat Quay. Dine by a cleaned-up river, a stroll from a hot contender for the world's future commercial core
- boats gently passing
Capital Tower looming above a river cafe. The great bulk of Capital Tower here appears above a delicately lanterned cafe on the riverside Stamford Hotel from Esplanade Bridge. The Stamford Hotel, part of Raffles City complex, is by the architect I.M.Pei, at 741 feet it is currently the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia Capital Tower on Robinson Road. Capital Tower, Robinson Road Dockside cranes and containers. Dockside cranes and waiting containers just beside the towering buildings of the 'Core' The Durian with tower blocks behind. The Durian - the next page shows more of this building Containers, docks and beyond Indonesea. Silhouetted cranes; the land beyond is Indonesia The Durian and Esplanade Bridge To the left along the river bank runs Queen Elizabeth Walk, Go to another site. with the Stamford Hotel behind.
Skyscrapers around and beyond the Raffles Boulevard form the backdrop.
The Durian is central just beyond the Esplanade Bridge
AXA and Springleaf Towers. The AXA Tower (top) is the world's tallest cylindrical building. Originally called Temasek Tower, after the fishing village on which Singapore city was built, it was also known as Springleaf Tower Three towers - Maybank, New Bank of China and 6 Battery Road, crowd together by Cavenagh Bridge. Crowding together these three towering towers (the Maybank Tower, New Bank of China and '6 Battery Road') dwarf Singapore's only suspension bridge - the Cavenagh Bridge Go to another page. Road with background of the 'Core'. Singapore's gentle traffic (few are allowed the licence for a private car) with the 'Core' behind View of the Merlion from Merlion Park. A glimpse from Merlion Park of the 'Merlion' and the triple towers of the Marina Bay Sands complex The ArtScience Museum under construction. The ArtScience Museum, Go to another site. which takes the form of a lotus flower,
under construction
The Merlion - Back view. The 'Merlion' Go to another site. a cross between a mermaid and a lion is Singapore's national symbol Merlion and Marina Bay Sands. The three tower hotel and resort complex, with a swimming pool on the top of three towers, was built by the American resort company Las Vagas Sands, hence the name Marina Bay Sands, the ArtScience Museum is across to the left, while the Merlion spurts in the foreground Next week's page completes the set on Singapore. Height and impact, indeed brashness in some cases, characterised the images above, the next page turns to quality rather than quantity, and undoubted architectural delights Building entrance, contemporary styling. line
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