Into Edinburgh Castle

The Castle from the south east, cathedral to left. Edinburgh Castle showing the position of the small public entrance (centre of the photograph) which leads from the esplanade. Not visible is a discreet vehicle entrance for staff For a virtual guided tour of the Castle use this link Go to another site. to go to the 'Sketchfab' site. Castle from south east, seating stands on esplanade. A closer view of the entrance and esplanade - except that here they are hidden under banks of seating These are erected each year for the Military Tattoo, and accommodate some eight and half thousand people for every performance Entering the Castle is something I had never done. Although born in Edinburgh, and worked much of my life there, my lack of interest in matters military is such that visitors were always waved off in the general direction of the castle, it's hard to miss, sometimes with relief that they would be entertained for a couple of hours without any effort on my part. However, to have pages showing something of Edinburgh and yet nothing of, or from, the Castle, seemed remiss. These photographs, taken from within its confines, are all from a recent visit aimed at redressing this omission. Inevitably some viewers may feel it is too particular a selection, indeed it ignores the military aspects of the building which are after all the castle's raison d'être. However, two more pages are to follow, maybe opportunity will arise, maybe... Bridge to small arched entrance in wall with two statues. The entrance crosses over a onetime drawbridge Empty esplanade with castle at end. For 10 months of the year the esplanade looks like this - maybe a little more deserted than usual due to
Covid restrictions being in operations
Looking along bridge at Castle entrance. How the visitor views the defended entrance and... Side view of statues and entrance bridge. ...the defender's view of the (missing) visitor Visitors on path between rocks and wall, seen from doorway. Having entered that first gate, a path leads between wall and rock to another strong defence... Looking into castle through studded doors and under portcullis. the form of the Portcullis Gate offering dual protection. Building above portcullis with flight of steps to its side. The building over the Portcullis gate is the Argyle Tower, here seen from the Argle Battery. The staircase runs up to the upper-most level of the Castle... Steps decending with buildings and trees in distance. ...Looking down from the top of that staircase Line of cannons on low plinth, some vistors in view. The emplacement of cannons along the Argyle Battery, and (right) a video clip of what they see Looking down a broad curving cobbled road with city and sea beyond. From the Argyle Battery a broad way curves upwards. Diverting to the left is the war museum, and this view... Wall, buildings and urn framing three spires. ...looking out between the buildings over Butts Battery with the Episcopal Cathedral's spires at Edinburgh's West End A video clip of the view from Butts Battery. From the Pentland hills moving round to the red stone of the Caledonian Hotel Pair stone Sentry boxes with iron lamp support joining them across a road. The sentry boxes at the entrance to the courtyard which sits below Butts Battery... Apparent gate posts on either side of the road. ...those sentry boxes - seeming gateposts Square with large statue of man on horseback at centre. The Scottish National War Museum - Earl Haig on horseback Three visitors in line taking photos, Georgian building behind them. Having diverted for Butts Battery, the hill continues up to the New Barracks. Here offering Georgian elegance as a backdrop for these visitors, eagerly capturing their visit Large block of a building sitting above roof level beside other Castle buildings. Externally (elegance lost) the New Barracks from the south of the city. They were added in the 1790s to accommodate 600 soldiers and remain in use for military purposes. Stone arch in wall with end of building seen beyond. The view of Foog's Gate that those visitors were trying to catch. This gate dates from the seventeenth century and affords access... Vertical slit opening in stone wall, building beyond. the uppermost area of the Castle. This last gated wall has slits giving command of the New Barracks below The top level of the Castle (Upper Ward) to which Foog's gate gives access, centres on the National War Memorial with the reservoirs and St Margaret's Chapel on its northern side, and the Great Hall, Royal Palace and military museum towards the south. Cobbled area between buildings and walls. Coming through Foog's Gate and looking south: to the left is the War memorial building, and at the centre the
Royal Scots Museum
Single story building with pitched roof and two large barn doors open. Looking in the other direction, the walls of the reservoir and St Margaret's Chapel frame the unavoidable
Scottish Whisky Experience Shoppe
Looking out over a wall across rooftops towards hills. The Pentland Hills reach the edge of Edinburgh City and form a fine boundary to the prospect, seen here from just above Foog's gate (bottom right of photo) Single story, blank wall, rockery. The Scottish National War Memorial rockery is beside... Two windows in end wall of building. ...its building, of which these are the west windows Cobbled area in front of three story building with turrets. The Royal Palace stands at one end of the Half Moon Battery... 'Terry' in red jacket standing in front of black cannon. ...and next to one of its cannons stands Terry, who normally has to help shepherd around 8,000 visitors a day through these narrow spaces. A number which has risen to the record of about 14,000 in one day. The peaceful pleasure of chatting to knowledgeable assistants, when only a couple of hundred people are visiting, makes the high price of entry well worth while. And so down the stairs and out of the castle. The next two pages will offer a little more on, the not to be overlooked, St Margaret's Chapel and the Great Hall, but, yes, first to those cannons Four story building and spired church. The Half Moon Battery looks east across the town,
over the esplanade and Ramsay Terrace...
View over wall with churches, hill and seain distance. ...past St. Columba's Free Church towards The Tron,
Arthur's Seat and the sea
Looking through curved stone arch at esplanade and church spire. Exit Trailers... Cannon barrel overlooking city. The next Picture Posting page has more on those cannons: less weapons of war - more aesthetic objects Man holding honey comb frame. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Hexagons'.
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