Đà Lạt Waterfalls

Foreground cascades with falls in the distance. The Datanla falls lie about six kilometers to the south of Đà Lạt City Water pouring over a man made barrage. A waterfall in the 'Love Valley Park' Go to another page. area The city and province of Đà Lạt is situated in the centre of southern Vietnam among the hills. Its height, some 1,500 metres (5,000 feet), up yet only 10 degrees north of the equator, ensures its delightful climate in which flowers and vegetables flourish prolifically. Not only are the temperatures equitable but so is the rainfall averaging about 40 inches (one metre) a year. The high ground and surrounding hills make the journey for the water down to the sea swift, a haste reflected in the many fast moving streams and waterfalls of the area. Other pages have already introduced the city, Go to another page. surrounding countryside, Go to another page. and parks within Go to another page. which some of the falls are situated. These form key tourist attractions which bring thousands of visitors every year. These pictures were taken before the main rains of the summer started, so elsewhere you may see more spectacular images. Distant view of the falls. Twenty-five kilometres south of Đà Lạt City... Close-up view of the falls. ...lie the Lien Khuong falls - above a closer view The upper part of the Datanla Falls. Back to the Datanla Cascades, the picture above is the falls that can be seen in the distance in the top picture of the page The main Tiger Wood falls with small figure showing scale. Tiger falls with the bridge crossing above them. These and the pictures below are from the Tiger Cave woods some 15 kilometres to the east of Đà Lạt City. The main falls lie within the woods. Friend Han can be seen climbing half way up to the right. Below is the bridge over the top of the falls and the sign "Forbidden: Danger" - too tempting. The wooden suspension bridge over the Tiger falls. Sign warning people to keep out because of the danger. Close view of the water tumbling in the Tiger falls. Above. The Tiger Falls close up.

Below. To the left, a stream in Tiger Woods. To the right, steps near the Tiger Falls, themselves looking like a stone cascade
Small pool and water over rocks with ferns and roots. Twisting, uneven steps with wooden handrail in forest. Below: The Prenn Falls Water falling clear of the rocks into a pool. Water falling into the pool seen from the other side, bonsai tree in foreground. The Prenn Falls are about 10 kilometres south of Đà Lạt Falls and the stream below them. Falls at Love Valley Go to another page. High volume falls seen from beside them. Three shots of the Elephant falls at the time before the heavy rains come. Falls of this power seem naturally to evoke the word 'force', which is the Cumbrian word for a waterfall, however, this use of 'force' seems to be primarily from the Viking word 'foss', a waterfall, as in Gullfoss Go to another page. in Iceland High volume falls in evening light. High volume falls through trees. Water pouring over and down rocks in step formation, Han and Sach on steps by water. And another waterfall triptych, these are from the falls at Pongour, a bit further away, about 50 kilometres to the south west of the city. Above a close up of the picture below right Waterfall near the main cascade. Main cascade from further away. Bridge by the upper part of the Datanla Falls. For a final shot, back to the top picture and the falls at Datanla Trailers... Rain and clouds over the sea. The next page has pictures from rural Iceland and (at the bottom of that page) more waterfalls. A view across a snow covered eastern Turkey with Mount Ararat in the distance. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'The Ineffable'.
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