Rural Iceland

Light in shafts through cloud onto the sea near a low island. Icelandic 'weather' north of Reykjavik near the island of Flatey Previously there was a page titled 'Urban Iceland' which most of us might consider to have given some coverage to the rural aspects of the country, but such matters are relative. On this page all you will see of humanity are a couple of distant communities for Iceland's outstanding feature... Cloud gathered aroound a black hillside. Water and snow in folds of landscape under low cloud. its lack of urbanisation, indeed lack of people. Of the 360,000 people a third live in the capital and the remainder spread themselves thinly. Words add rather little to the images here, and so captions on this page are limited. Lourering black clouds with sunlight coming through to a fjord. A view compressed by the weight from above A pool in a depression with high hills beyond. Patches of water match patches of snow A road snaking down to a fjord far below with patches of snow around. Our road ahead winds its way down to a fjord Steep slopes rising into the clouds with a few houses below. A rural community in the north west Complex rock formations. Both photographers and geologists flock to Iceland Sea cliffs with cloud traces half way up. Thousand foot cliffs in the north west (more like this at..) Calm sea stretching away to high cliffs and cloud. On the north-west coast Valley running down from the snow to the fjord. Snow retreats, but does not surrender at midsummer Glacier between hills. A glacier makes its way down a valley to the sea Sign warning of the dangers on the glacier ahead. An Icelandic danger sign - to a Vietnamese one Mountains buttressing out into the sea with cloud capped tops. Another shot of the north-west coast Mist hanging around bleak black crags.
Stream with hill pointed into a cloud. Clouds, water, snow -
this is the landscape of Iceland
Fjord with distant waterfall and snow patches. Thin waterfalls. Waterfalls as 'sinuous rills'... Broad massive waterfall. ...and as surging power Waterfall pouring over a cliff.

The geology of Iceland, with sharp vertical cliffs in the landscape, produce these spectacular waterfalls -
maybe the best known being at Gullfoss
Close-up of the waterfall in the previous picture. Trailers... A bolder covered in a variety of lichens. The next page has more detail of the landscapes shown here - the Flora of Iceland: mosses, lichens and kelp. Evening light across Hoy sound in Orkney. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Explanations'.
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