The City and Lake of Đà Lạt

Da Lat city centre. Central Đà Lạt A pavilion near the north end of the lake. Pavilions near the 'out of town' end of the lake Đà Lạt is one of Vietnam's two major hill resorts - places to escape the heat and bad weather that much of the country stoically endures during the long summer months. The city is just under 5,000 feet (1,500 metres) above sea level and acts as the fruit and flower garden for the country. Growing conditions are ideal with moderate temperatures, rarely over 30, and gentle rainfall. It is a place the Vietnamese wistfully perceive as capturing the best of Vietnam, and accordingly they flock to it for their holidays; the proportion of foreigners is marginal. This popularity was ironically started by the French occupiers who sought out and founded a resort here, building the first hotel in 1907. Boulevards were laid out, Swiss style villas sprang up, and with the forming of the lake in the early 1920s, the resort emerged in much the form it now has a hundred years later: a delightfully easy place in which to come to rest. Fisherman on jetty with town across the lake. Looking towards the town across 'Xuân Hương' Lake. A name which might be translated as the Lake of 'Youthful/Spring Fragrance' - an epithet sometimes challenged by foreign visitors who have noted the Vietnamese relaxed attitude to litter Open ground by the north end of the lake. Looking across the north, or out of town, end of the lake... Above. The fisherman on the jetty sits just in front of this sign - in duplicate from the water's reflection -
'Fishing Prohibited'
Sign saying Fishing Prohibited reflected in the water. Wavelets on the lake. ...and above across the south end. The lake is two miles long - enough for waves to form Night view with lights reflected in the lake. Looking across Xuân Hương Lake at night Pedalos in the dusk. Swan pedalos, popular at dusk with the young Circle of small fountains around a main fountain all up-lit. These up-lit fountains now decorate many towns and come into their own as the short tropical twilight descends Stall with jars of coffee and tea. 'Tea' 'Coffee' The latter newly taking its place in Vietnam alongside tea Costumed participants in boat race standing on jetty. On the lake a costume pageant is enacted involving canoeists racing each other across the water... Our Jeep by the lake. Our Jeep enjoying the prospect Three costumed people paddling a canoe. Costumed comparee on stage. ...and then reaching the finishing stage... Competitors walking along poles. walking along these poles Plants in plugs on wide verge. As is normal in Vietnam viable ground is never wasted Horse and trap by lake. A trap decorated with flowers waiting by the lake Front of Da Lat's 'Third Mansion'. Đà Lạt has three of the last emperor's mansions. This is the so called 'Third Mansion' and is open to the public. It was built to the European high fashion of the 1930s by Rear of Da Lat's 'Third Mansion'. Emperor Bảo Đại who held the office from 1926 to 1945. By which time the throne was a sinecure under the French and Japanese occupations. Above the rear of the building View across city. The view across the city of Đà Lạt from the Cable Car Station Bearly visible cable cars above woods. The cable car was opened in 2003 it runs... Cable car and coach. ...from Đà Lạt to near the Trúc Lâm Monastery a distance of 2.2 klms Man and boy inside cafe at table. Bảo Sách with ice cream. Colin, expecting accidents, with orange Pool on deck area of cable car terminal. Pool on the cable car platform Man throwing cabbages into van. Loading cabbages. Vegetable supplies for surrounding cities including HCM Gecko on ceiling. A gecko at work keeping the ceiling clean while chirruping endearingly - and no, they never all off General view of town centre at lake end. Looking towards the town centre Side of solid bridge with apron area and people on it. A town centre bridge. Centre picture... Close-up of people in last image eating next to pile of carrots. ...people eat between cleaning carrots Cafe at Lake side. The cafe by the lake in the town centre View of lake at town end. The wooded slopes of Đà Lạt City running down to the lake set against a backdrop of mountains - no bad place to relax Trailers... Boys herding cattle through paddy. The next page has the countryside around Đà Lạt City. A pool at Enid Innes's garden - The Crinan. The next page of the Mosaic Section is to be headed 'The Garden'.
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