Parks of Đà Lạt

Double bridge to and from rocky islet. A bridge across the lake at the Golden Valley park near Đà Lạt Looking along the bridge show in the top picture. The return view for the top picture Đà Lạt's climate makes it the centre of flower and vegetable production in southern, indeed the whole of, Vietnam. While this beneficence of nature is well exploited for financial gain, it is also harnessed to provide public spaces devoted to leisure, a use which is not yet that common in cities outside Hà Nội - which does indeed use many of its lakes to good effect. This page offers some views of Đà Lạt's riches in parks of which there are some ten in the area. A later page shows more on the flower gardens to be found in and around the city. The bridge again - from the side. And two more pictures of... The double bridge from further up the hill. ...the same part of the Golden Valley Park with its bridges Blue hydrangereas with the lake behind. Eye catching banks of Hydrangeas can be seen in many of the parks at midsummer. These plants originate from the Far East and come in many forms. The hydra (water) in the name refers to the shape of the seeds. They are also known as Hortensia, a name now rather out of fashion. Only a couple of the 70 or so species have their colour effected by the acidity of the soil. Long bank of hydrangeas beside a stream. Hydrangeas with path and lake beyond. Two dead trees with lake beyond. Rocks, and these dead trees, as well as flower borders, often form part of... Hydrangeas along river bank. ...designed landscapes in Vietnam. Here they are in Golden Valley Park Small pavilion in the lake accessed by bridge. A small pavilion is accessed by a bridge on Đa Thiện lake in Love Valley Park about 5 kilometres north of Đà Lạt City Looking between pine trees at two thatched waterside pavilions. Thatched shelters on stilts in Đa Thiện Lake sheltered by woods A view between pine trees of Da thien Lake looking north. The park with Đa Thiện Lake looking north... A view of Da Thien Lake looking south. ...and looking south Stepping stones across lake with pavilion on far bank. Stepping Stones in Golden Valley Park... Three people walking over the stepping stones. ...being stepped on Path with inset stepping stones. Stepping stones on dry land... Path and small bridge. ...and paved walks in Love Valley Richly planted flower beds. Flower beds showing off the fecundity of the climate Bed planted with the shape of Vietnam. A green Vietnam surrounded by purple flowers Path diveding clumps of shrubs cut in ballon shapes. Shrubs formed into baubles A mass of red flowers forms a stream shape through the grass A stream of flowers Carefully shapped low hedging. Small hedging trimmed into a row of touching letter 'C's Stream bed of stones with trees and shrubs. Water pools along stream with bridge. Paths and beds in Love Valley Park... Paths between flower beds. Packed beds of flowers with people beyond. Display pond with surrounding tubs of flowers and floutains. The main display pond with its fountains, not least its dragon fountain, in Love Valley Park Trailers... Man sitting in the middle of his fruit display. The next page goes from the parks of Đà Lạt to the markets of Bangalore in India. Physiotherapist Jacob removing paster from a man's hand. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Tending and Attending'.
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