Cao Bằng - Hamlets to City

Paddy field and houses at Pac Bo. Paddy in front of the houses at Pác Bó village Pac Bo village shop. Pác Bó village shop - a rather different architecture This page shows a range of communities from Cao Bằng Province Go to another site. which is in the far north east of Vietnam. From tiny hamlets to the city of Cao Bằng the slower paced life of a remoter area is evident. It is one of the most beautiful and least visited parts of the country with many of the traditional ways of life intact. On this page the emphasis is on housing and types of building. Later pages show more of the countryside which is dominated by the extraordinary wooded karsts, Go to another site. a little of which were seen on the last page. Go to another page. Village under karst. A village in the norther part of the province House with large storage jars. Large storage jars at the side of house Buffalo at the edge of a village. Buffalo at a village entrance... Buffalo by village houses. ... passing though the village House by the road. Village house on the 'main' road House with outbuildings. Mud-brick house with outbuildings End wall of house. Another end wall of a mud-brick house Ladder giving access to a house. Detail of house to the left Horses on the main street of Trung Khanh. In the north the sight of horses being used is not exceptional, elsewhere in Vietnam it is rare. This is the main street of
the district capital Trùng Khánh
Keo Yen Post Office. The Post Office in the village of Kéo Yên, northern Cao Bằng, and below its sign in the exact format seen throughout Vietnam Post office sign. View across Trung Khanh town. The most north-easterly district of Cao Bằng (Vietnam's most north-easterly province) is Trùng Khánh and this is its main town. As is almost universal in Vietnam the name of the district and its administrative centre are the same Group of westerners eating on hotel roof. Westerners enjoying full sized chairs and table on a hotel roof in Cao Bằng city Cafe interior, woman cleaning. A more conventional Vietnamese cafe with plastic stools and folding tables Marble lion outside hotel. Lion on duty at hotel Newly washed Jeep. Newly washed in Cao Bằng; a picture of our Jeep Go to another page. proudly slipped in Central area of Cao Bang City with Bang Giang Hotel. Morning view of the centre of Cao Bằng with the dominant Bằng Giang Hotel Street with Hoa Viet Hotel. Street seller in the central area of Cao Bằng Main shopping street. A view across the main shopping street in Cao Bằng The river in the city centre. The River Bằng in the centre of Cao Bằng City View across the city. Looking over the city with some of the hills, that so distinctively define Cao Bằng Province, in the background Trailers... Family at house door. On the next page Picture Posting takes you to a very different provincial capital, that of Bangalore, state capital of Karnataka, in India. Icicles over water. The next page in the Mosaic Section - Onitsura's Haiku 'Icicles'.
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