Spanish villages and laurel forests on Tenerife

Flower carpet on main road. A flower carpet being laid in the streets of La Orotava
for the annual Corpus Cristi festival
Tourists admiring the flower carpets. This festival is a great draw for tourists - although mostly these are Spanish visitors The last page took you to the south of Tenerife with its perpetual sunshine and warm even temperatures. The north of the island is very different with an Atlantic climate of clouds and changing weather. This supports considerable vegetation across the hills, much of it in the form of laurel forests. Here the villages and small towns are Spanish and, although it is changing, keep much of their cultural character and charm. Men and flower carpet. Two men working on the flower carpet Chalk pictures waiting flowers. Pictures are laid out in chalk on the tarmac and then filled-in with flowers Families working on pictures. Families working together on the pictures Photographer taking the street. A photographer getting the shot shown to the right Village with sea beyond. Village and sea, visited, but not destroyed by visitors Village square and church. The village square with its church and beyond the sea Lane with man. Quiet lanes with cooling breezes Doorway. Doorway to... drinks, apothecary? Street with doors and windows shuttered. Siesta time for this street Hills and roads in the north. Hills and hairpin roads in the north of the island Forest path. Moss covered path through a laurel forest... Dirt path. ...and a dust one with no protection from the sun Gorge. A path through a gorge Waterfall. Waterfall and pool Forest path. Wandering through the forests Looking across the northern hills. Looking across the northern hills towards Mount Teide on the horizon. Something in the colours and textures of a Rousseau painting maybe? Rocks with lava infilling. The geology of tenerife comes, like that of the Faroes and Iceland, from being a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic. Here the squirts of lava can be seen forcing their way through cracks in older rocks. Mount Teide in the distance. Mount Teide beckoning above the clouds The next page accepts that invitation from the mountain and takes you up it, all 12,198 feet of it, a breath-taking place in both senses. View from summit of Mount Teide. line
Saturday 25th November 2017 Murphy on duty

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