Singapore's Jurong Gardens

Circular entrance. A circular arch framing some of the many bonsai in the Jurong Gardens This is the second of four pages on Singapore, the next two have images of its modernity in style and architecture, but first, by way of contrast, a page showing how much Singaporeans value nature within the confines of their city state. The streets are heavily planted, building surfaces are rarely raw, but there are also three special areas where plants come first: the Botanic Gardens, the Gardens by the Bay, and the Jurong Gardens. Go to another site. This latter complex, which is currently being greatly enhanced and extended, previously offered landscape design examples from both China and Japan centred on the large Jurong Lake, Go to another site. the water being set-off with pavilions, trees, parkland and more formal gardens in the styles of those two countries. Circular entrance and path. Latticed windows in the wall on either side of the round entrance Bonsais lining the walkway. Bonsai, Go to another site. each branch assiduously trained Lotus finials and lion. Wall with lotus finials and a protective lion Bonsai composition. Legend for Bonsai composition. A garden in miniature with its explanation House with many bonsai. Traditional rocks, modern sculpture and bonsai Immaculate bonsai. The careful placing of stone and plant, the hallmark of the Japanese Garden Go to another site. Pagoda and lake. The parkland with familiar planting of trees, but less familiar placing of rocks Rock by house. Here a large vertical rock has recumbent rocks beside it, and the bonsai are confined to pots White flowers. Flowers play a much lesser role in these oriental gardens than we are used to in the UK Pavilion with rocks by lawns. A gazebo style pavilion providing seats for humans, while rocks stand patiently alongside Red flowers. Flowering trees and rock garden (right) Rock garden Tree by road. Leaving the gardens for a couple of pictures which
show the space given to trees in the city
(and to familiar double yellow lines)...
Epiphytes on tree. ...and the epiphytes they support in the stable warm climate Singapore enjoys Turtle. Small turtles swim in the lake... Lake with children. ...but it is a pleasure the children are not allowed - part of Singapore's rather rigid social laws Two lakeside pagodas. Two 'pagodas' with a purely secular purpose Pool with cloister. Pavilions arranged as a cloister around a pond Lake with pavillions around it. The vermillion splendour of pavilions around the lake Pavillions reflected. Reflections doubling their value Entrance with steps and boonsai. Formal entrance gate with bonsai and stones Rock with characters, tree and shrub. The last word goes to the epitome of the Oriental garden:
rock, tree, and carefully tended shrub beside water
The next page stays in Singapore and shows something of the opposite end of the tranquility scale - the area a little futuristically called 'Downtown Core', where skyscrapers leap next to tiny cafes. Skyscrapers in Singapore's 'Core'. line
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