Gairloch to Red Point

Circular stone direction indicator overlooking bay with hills on the horizon. The viewpoint above Redpoint Bay with Skye in the background and South Rona between Small footbridge with metal rails over stream. A bridge by Loch Gairloch has chosen the colour, for its rusting balustrades, carefully from a National Trust colour chart This page takes the viewer out from Gairloch village along the southern shore of Loch Gairloch and round, and down, to Red Point, beside which is the hamlet of Redpoint [sic]. At this headland, on the northern side of Loch Torridon, the Loch meets the Inner Sound. Continuing along the indistinct path on the northern side of the loch takes the able walked to Diabaig. Along that path, until the early 2000's, was the Craig Youth Hostel - reached only on foot or by boat. And from the Red Point end not always an easy walk. Today Youth Hostels encourage less youthful visitors; and, indeed, persons like myself no longer have to leave their cars discreetly out of sight and walk in, accordingly such remote places as the Craigs Hostel have closed. But the drive to the headland at Red Point, and the walks in the area remain a magnet for many visitors. The page again has a number of rather similar vistas, but rendered so different by the ever changing light, that I, and I hope no one else, could resist recording this play between hills, sky and sea. Bay with yachts moored in still water. Looking from Badachro past Horrisdale Island towards the village of Gairloch Yachts moored in dark shadow.

Boats sheltering in the perfectly still waters behind Horrisdale Island
Single boat prow to camera. Four boats with reflections in shadow. Bench comprised partly of drifwood looking out at low water across boats in bay. A driftwood seat overlooks Badachro Bay Empty rowing boat at bank with reflection of tree across loch A boat waits on a fishing lochan by the road Moorland, lochan, house and distant hills. The view east to the mainland hills past (another) Loch nan Eun Rainbow against blue sky. A reminder rain can come from an (almost) blue sky Wide bay with two distant people. The wide sweep of the bay at Opinan, the road on the hill opposite is to Red Point. Skye lies in the background Bay with headland. Moving on, and looking back past the Red Point headland, Skye again dominates the horizon A dozen or so rusted anchors apparently haphazardly placed. If this were a less remote spot you would be looking at an art installation. It is on the shore of a bay south east of Red Point, where there was a fishing station. South Rona and Raasay
take up position on the horizon
Anchors near, two houses further off, and sea to the right. The two house shells at the fishing station just east... Dilapidated wooden workshop by bay. ...of Red Point, and the work shed by the beach Sun playing through dark clouds and onto the sea and sand. Looking east up Loch Torridon Strange soft markings along lines left by the waves, on which are some scattered stones. The same sand as seen in the last picture, but against the sun. This picture is not out of focus, but the light is catching the rippling water, leaving the black pebbles sharp Pair of ringed plovers beside a bunch of seaweed. ...sands, actually the sands are not so deserted, these two ringed plover are about half way along to the headland, seeking to be inconspicuous beside the kelp Looking along the beach with tide markings on the sand. And those water marks without the refracted light, here the sun is behind the camera; looking along the empty... Clouds with heavy bellies pressing downwards. Seeming weighed down by their load, clouds bring... Beach with light rain beyond, couple walking. ...showers, which swathe the beach in their soft folds... Blue sky with white clouds. ...and then as quickly clear, returning the sky for a short while to its brilliant blue... Dark clouds with light coming through to the sea. ...only for the clouds to gather again... Dark rocks with dark clouds above the sea. ...turning the rocks black Wet sand reflecting the clouds and blue of the sky. Loch Torridon: heavy clouds, wet sand, watery sun, but blue sky not far away Trailers... Cound dispersing from around the bulk of the mountain. The next page of this section has more pictures from Torridon. Track in woods with sun coming through. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Woodland Path'.
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