Aultbea to Melvaig

View of the village arrayed along the loch side in sunlight. Aird Point projects from the village of Aultbea into Loch Ewe This page stays with Wester Ross and has pictures taken from Aultbea to Gairloch, and from the peninsular between them. This peninsular forms the southern shore of Loch Ewe and the northern shore of Loch Gairloch. Aultbea and Gairloch mark a kind of boundary between the dense hills to the south and the open less vegetated expanses of the northern highlands: volcanoes spread across a landscape. And the villages themselves are articulate of their location, each house as a croft had its few acres of land around it, hence the distinctive dotted landscape of the north. First the pictures of Aultbea (mostly on a less common sunny day) and then those of the peninsular. Wider landscape of village on a grey day. As the leading image, but in, maybe more typical, grey guise Whole length of village from the open sea. A panorama showing the sweep of the village from Drumchork at the south east (right) to
Melton Charles in the north west
Low promontory with houses on it. The distinctive feature of the waterfront of Aultbea is this hooked promontory - Aird Point. The village is recorded on maps of the mid 1600s Houses at the village's end. Near the junction of the main road (and right on the waterfront) sits the Aultbea Hotel, this was already established in the 1880s Wide angle shot of the loch with low island in the centre. Isle of Ewe dominates Loch Ewe, it had a population of 40 in the 1880s Side of the isle, end of Aultbea and the sea. Much of Loch Ewe is over 10 fathoms (18 metres) deep which allowed its use for... Farm buildings at the centre of the Isle of Ewe. ...the USSR convoys in World War II. Only the one farm now remains on the Isle Loch, low land, and hills beyond. Loch Thurnaig (above) the sheltered inner sea loch leads from Loch Ewe. The famous Inverewe Gardens are just to... Coastline with houses. ...the south, as is Poolewe village, from which runs the road to Cove along the southern shore (above) of Loch Ewe Steep hillsides running into loch, against sunlight. The drive over from Poolewe to Gairloch, which is some five miles to the south, passes this viewpoint, allowing this glimpse of Loch Maree Loch with figure and steep hills on far shore. The hills behind Poolewe from near Cove Moorland with house and distant hills. Moorland on the Melvaig peninsular An irregular pentagon of land has Loch Ewe to its east, and is bounded by The Minch to the north and west, Loch Gairloch lies to the south, and a neck of land to the south east takes routes to the north and south of the Highlands. Roads run round this land from the north east down to the south and back up the west coast, it being some 30 miles from top right (Cove) down and around to top left (Melvaig). There is no track across the five mile headland. Above and below are photos taken from that road. Loch with hillls beyond. Looking south across Loch Gairloch Modern house in rough ground. Modern houses sprout where derelict buildings stood Bungalow by loch with separated hills beyond. Loch Ewe stands on a divide between the densely packed hills to the south, and the spacious statuesque cones of further north, here seen from the shores of the Loch near Cove Single track road pointing at hills beyond houses on shore of loch. The hills beyond Poolewe and around Loch Maree seen from the road south of Cove Distant gentle sloping shore with speckle of houses, foreground sheep. Looking along the shore towards Melvaig, and (to the right) taken from the same place looking ... Sandy bay with turqoise edged sea and distant slither of land. ...out to sea. Thinly, on the horizon to the right, are the Outer Hebrides - 25 miles (40 kms) across the North Minch Ground sloping to sea with scattered houses. The township of Melvaig with that typical pattern of cofters' houses, each with its own land around it A video clip looking north towards Melvaig and the outer Hebrides Foreground roofless croft with new roof nearer sea and cliffs in distance. Looking south to where the two photographs above were taken - on the cliff tops. This, and the photograph just below (to the right), were taken in Melvaig fifteen years ago, when derelict buildings were common. Then, new buildings were rare, the roof of one such can just be seen, now it is the old ones that are rare A video clip looking south from Peterburn towards Skye Cliffs with thin line of waterfall, land on the horizon. The cliffs south of Melvaig at Peterburn; the sinuous road echoed below in the waterfall Cairn in foreground, loch and hills beyond. Looking across Loch Gairloch, from the Melvaig road,
towards the road from Gairloch village to Red Point
Trailers... Viewpoint overlooking bay and Skye. The next page of this section is to have pictures from that Red Point peninsular. Diners on floor around steaming 'hot-pot'. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Conviviality'.
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